Class 8 Physics Index

Class 8 Physics index given here consists of all the topics discussed in class 8 Physics chapters. The listed index is prepared as per the NCERT textbook and the latest CBSE syllabus. Access free study material by clicking on the respective subtopics.

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Before the start of a new academic year, it is helpful to go through the course guide because of the following reasons:

  • It gives you an idea of the learning materials, core books or reference books (if any) that you need for the new session. Knowing this helps you arrange all the required things in time.
  • A clear outline of the topics and learning areas that you will approach throughout the academic year will be presented to you.

Chapter 11 Force and Pressure

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 11

11.1 Force – A push or pull

11.2 Forces are due to an Interaction

11.3 Exploring Forces

11.4 A Force can Change the State of Motion

11.5 Force can Change the Shape of an Object

11.6 Contact Forces

11.7 Non-contact Forces

11.8 Pressure

11.9 Pressure Exerted by Liquids and Gases

11.10 Atmospheric Pressure

Chapter 12 Friction

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 12

12.1 Force of Friction

12.2 Factors Affecting Friction

12.3 Friction: A Necessary Evil

12.4 Increasing and Reducing Friction

12.5 Wheels Reduce Friction

12.6 Fluid Friction

Chapter 13 Sound

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 13

13.1 Sound is produced by a vibrating body

13. 2 Sound Produced by Humans

13.3 Sound Needs a Medium for Propagation

13.4 We Hear Sound through Our Ears

13.5 Amplitude, Time Period and Frequency of a Vibration

13.6 Audible and Inaudible Sounds

13.7 Noise and Music

13.8 Noise Pollution

Chapter 14 Chemical Effects of Current

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 14

14.1 Do liquids conduct electricity?

14.2 Chemical Effects of Electric Current

14.3 Electroplating

Chapter 15 Some Natural Phenomena

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 15

15.1 Lightning

15.2 Charging by Rubbing

15.3 Types of Charges and Their Interaction

15.4 Transfer of Charge

15.5 The Story of Lightning

15.6 Lightning Safety

15.7 Earthquakes

Chapter 16 Light

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 16

16.1 What makes things visible?

16.2 Laws of Reflection

16.3 Regular and Diffused Reflection

16.4 Reflected Light can be Reflected Again

16.5 Multiple Images

16.6 Sunlight — White or Coloured

16.7 What is inside Our Eyes?

16.8 Care of the Eyes

16.9 Visually Impaired Persons Can Read and Write

16.20 What is the Braille System?

Chapter 17 Stars And The Solar System Stars And The Solar System

Subtopics covered under Class 8 Physics Chapter 17

17.1 The Moon

17.2 The Stars

17.3 Constellations

17.4 The Solar System

17.5 Some Other Members of the Solar System

Class 8 Physics opens doors to fascinating topics such as force and pressure, friction, and more. These topics are very important for students who wish to pursue a career in Physics discipline. Master these concepts and build a strong foundation to improve your expertise on the subject.

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