Sound Produced By Humans

Music or sound is an essential ingredient of life. Without it life becomes sad and miserable. In general, sound is a form of energy which gives us hearing experience. Ever thought how it is produced by various instruments and by living organisms. It is produced because of vibrations. Whenever we speak loudly and touch our throat, we feel vibrations.

How sound is produced by humans?

In humans, voice is produced by the larynx or voice box present in the upper part of human body. Larynx is present near the upper end of windpipe. Two vocal cords present across the larynx stretch in such a way that it leaves a narrow space between them for the passage of air. When human speak, muscles present in our larynx get stretched and the opening becomes narrower. When air is made to pass through the slit, the vocal cords vibrate. With more tightening of vocal cords, vibrations in it increase and hence higher volume of sound is produced. This is the reason why human voice have different types of pitches. We can understand this with the help of an activity.


Take a rubber band and stretch it to its maximum extent leaving a narrow gap in between the two sides. Blow air through the slit and listen to the sound. You will find that the rubber band is vibrating and a sound is produced. In the same way our vocal cords work and produce voice.

Sound Waves

Why does the voice of children, men and women are different?

Voice of children, men and women are different because they have different length of vocal cords. The vocal cord in women is about 15 mm long; in men vocal cords are about 20 mm long and children have very short vocal cords.Human Sound

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In general, the vocal cords in men are shorter as compared to that in women.