Frequently Asked Questions in Biology

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Biology is a subject that explains all aspects of life on earth. From unicellular organisms to the origins of life, many of life’s greatest questions have been answered over the centuries. With every breakthrough or achievement in science and technology, new insights and knowledge have cumulated into a reservoir of knowledge ready to be shared.

Hence, we have gathered a plethora of questions that you most probably will stumble upon during the course of your studies. We have analysed topics from CBSE/ICSE and have created a database of questions to help you understand various concepts with ease. Besides the academic content found within your respective curriculum,  we also have extracted questions by delving deep within concepts and finding relations and significance with various other topics.

These FAQs will help you comprehend topics well beyond the scope of your current textbooks. From your respective classes to future competitive exams, this collection of questions is sure to cement your knowledge and understanding of the plethora of concepts spread across the various branches of biology. Basics, such as topics from CBSE Class 11 biology, to more advanced concepts asked in competitive exams such as NEET, are explained in detail here.

Frequently Asked Questions in Biology

Explore over 120 questions (and counting), hand-picked and answered by our subject matter experts, academicians and industry professionals. Start exploring to find topics that will interest and hopefully inspire you.

How is the embryo sac formed? Can a community contain two populations of the same species?
How do living things sexually reproduce? What are the 3 environmental issues?
What are the three laws of inheritance? How do plants reproduce short answer?
What are the 5 diseases caused by bacteria? How is DNA inherited from each parent?
What are the bad effects of microorganisms? How do I know if I have a disease?
What are the 2 types of reproduction? What is the molecular basis of mutation?
Are personalities inherited? Why Apple and cashew are not called true fruits?
What is an example of a bacterial infection? How are microbes harmful?
Are species and populations the same thing? What are the 4 types of diseases?
How many eggs does a woman have in her lifetime? Can microorganisms be harmful?
How are plasmids shared between bacteria? What is asexual reproduction?
How are traits passed onto the next generation? What type of jobs are in biotechnology?
How can organisms reproduce? Do all bacteria have plasmids?
Can a bacterial infection go away with antibiotics? How many types of the ecosystem are there?
Do all living things reproduce sexually? Why is tender coconut considered a healthy source of nutrition?
Can human evolution be called adaptive radiation? Does age really matter when it comes to the female reproductive system?
Do genes evolve? Do bacteria reproduce sexually or asexually?
How are sperms transferred from male to female in humans? Are Microbes good?
How many types of environment are there? Why is the ecosystem important?
What Are The Benefits Of Reproductive Health? Are we not lucky that plants reproduce sexually?
Do flowering plants reproduce sexually or asexually? Can a bacterial cell survive without a plasmid DNA?
Are horses and donkeys the same species? How are species and populations related?
What are examples of helpful bacteria? How do flowers help plants reproduce?
How can we improve our environmental health? How microbes affect our lives?
Can point mutations cause Frameshifts? Does corn reproduce sexually or asexually?
What is evolution Short answer? Why was Charles Darwin’s theory important?
What does asexual reproduction mean? Do your genes affect your personality?
What are the common signs and symptoms of reproductive system disorders? Why is reproductive health necessary?
How do humans reproduce asexually? Why is biotechnology important to humans?
How can biotechnology help treat diseases? How do mutations cause evolution?
What is the meaning of RCH? How do hormones affect reproduction?
How do flowering plants reproduce asexually? How does your reproductive system work?
How do humans use microbes? Does genetics affect Behaviour and intelligence?
Do you get more DNA from your mother or father? What are the six different major levels of the organization?
What is asexual reproduction in plants? How does human affect the environment?
How does one’s environment affect a person? What is an endothermic animal?
What is triple fusion? What is the process of biotechnology?
Why should we conserve biodiversity short answer? Do genetics influence behaviour?
What are the 3 main functions of the female reproductive system? How is biotechnology used today?

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