How Many Eggs Does A Woman Have In Her Lifetime?

A woman is born with all the eggs she is ever going to possess throughout her lifetime, which is close to 2 million eggs. No more new eggs are synthesized during her lifetime. The eggs are produced in the ovaries. Much before a woman hits puberty, approximately eleven thousand eggs die every month. By the time she approaches her teenage, a woman is left with close to 3.5lakh eggs.

From that point on, each month nearly one thousand eggs die. Egg death in a woman is a natural cycle that is part of the female reproductive system. This process of death of eggs is entirely independent of any of the succeeding factors, such as – contraceptive pills, hormone production, pregnancies, nutritional complements, or even one’s lifestyle or any health concern. Despite the ovarian inhibition, ovulation, and stimulation, the death of these many eggs per month is inevitable.

During her reproductive lifespan, nearly 450-500 of eggs in a woman are ovulated. Once the supply of these eggs is exhausted in a woman, the ovaries stop synthesizing estrogen and hence undergoes the phase of menopause. Age plays a significant role in the female reproductive system. As women age, the quality of their eggs declines due to an increase in the abnormalities of the chromosomes in the eggs. It can get harder for women to conceive once eggs age. Poor quality eggs may not be able to fertilize, do not get fertilized or may not mature prominently for fetal implantation. Hence the quality and quantity of eggs, both are significant.

Female Reproductive System Functions

Apart from releasing eggs through the process of ovulation, the female reproductive system performs other significant functions, such as:

  1. It is responsible to transport ova to the site of fertilization
  2. Triggers the stimulation of important hormones during ovulation and pregnancy
  3. Nurtures the developing embryo

These functions are delegated between the accessory or primary and secondary reproductive organs which produce the egg and hormones. The hormones are crucial in bringing about development and maturation of the reproductive system, for the complete maturation of sexual features and their proper regulation.

Questions That Might Interest You

Q.1. What is egg freezing? Why do women freeze their eggs?

A.1. It is a procedure which saves the ability of women to conceive in the future. Eggs hence obtained from the ovaries of females are frozen unfertilized until stored for future use. There are many reasons and a matter of personal choice for women to freeze their eggs. Most women freeze their eggs to maintain the quality of their eggs so as to delay conceiving in order to pursue professional goals. Some may even go for egg freezing if diagnosed with cancer.

Q.2. Can women ovulate twice in a cycle?

A.2. No, women ovulate once per cycle. But can ovulate two or more eggs at a time in which case potential fraternal twins can be conceived, i.e, when both eggs are fertilized.

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