What Are 3 Environmental Issues?

Planet earth is facing these three major threats, which are often overlooked. These issues need to be tackled so that the world remains a life-supporting habitat for all the species. Listed below are the issues:

Climate Change And Air Pollution

Air pollution and climate change are often closely associated. The atmospheric air and oceanic water are loaded with carbon. Carbon absorbs and re-emits infrared rays which cause the air, soil, and water to get warmer, which is beneficial. But not much of carbon is present in the atmospheric air due to deforestation, burning up of fossil fuels and industrial activities. This has led to severe disruption in the climatic condition.

Burning oil, gas, coal and wood has led to carbon overloading which is a form of air pollution and has led to dangerous health issues as studied by the WHO. Reforestation, decreasing emissions from agriculture, industries and switching from the use of fossil fuels to renewable energy sources are a few of the remedial measures.


Natural forests act as biodiversity reserves and carbon sinks, maintaining carbon levels and keeping them away from the oceans and atmosphere. The wild forests flourishing with life is being destructed today. Especially the tropical forest region which are species-rich, are often replaced by palm oil and soybean plantations, cattle ranching etc. Only about 30% of the land area today is covered by forests which have drastically reduced to half, before the arrival of agricultural practices caused by destruction through burning or logging. As per research, more than 10% of the total greenhouse emissions of gases are attributed to deforestation. This practice not only threatens plants and humans but also the species found in the wildlife.

Forests need to be restored and conserved of what is remaining. Degraded areas can be replanted with local tree species. Avoid the use of plastics and promote the use of paper bags etc.

Scarcity Of Water

Water is turning scarce by the day due to droughts caused by an increase in the population and dramatic fluctuation in the climate. It is a situation in which there is a lack of fresh water, consumable water. Water pollution is the main cause of depletion in the levels of fresh water. More than 60% of the water that is allocated for agricultural purposes is wasted which can either be due to inefficient application methods or absorbent irrigation systems which leads to drying up of water bodies. Overpopulation is another major cause of water scarcity. It is a situation where more demand meets less supply. This will have a negative impact on global health, an increase in the level of people suffering from hunger and unavailability of water to plants which are the primary producers.

Efficient use of water can save up a lot of water from getting wasted. Treating leaks, using low-flow faucets, using eco-friendly pesticides and herbicides to save water from pollution are few of the remedial measures.

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