Difference between Scar Tissue and Normal Skin Tissue

Normal Skin Tissue

Human skin tissue has various biological, immunological, anatomical and physiological properties. It is composed of randomly oriented collagen fibres. The outermost layer of normal skin is the epidermis, and it acts as a waterproof barrier. The layer below the epidermis is the dermis. The dermis is composed of connective tissue, and it protects from strain and stress. Below the dermis is the hypodermis that attaches the skin to the muscles and bones.

The skin tissue also has pigments like melanin, melanoid and carotene that determine skin pigmentation. Apart from protection, the skin tissue also performs other functions like heat regulation, absorption, excretion, etc.

Scar Tissue

It is a fibrous tissue that is formed as a result of the wound healing process in normal skin. Scar tissue is composed of parallelly oriented collagen fibres. It is developed in the normal skin due to burns, injuries and surgeries. The scar area is less resistant to UV rays, and also, the hair follicles do not develop in this area. The different types of scars are –

  • Hypertrophic – Dark brown/Red raised lump
  • Kleoid – Severely raised skin
  • Atrophic – Pitted scars

Topical creams, laser, radiotherapy, and injectable therapies can be used to treat the scar tissue.

Difference between Scar Tissue and Normal Skin Tissue

Scar Tissue

Normal Skin Tissue

It is a fibrous tissue that is formed as a result of the wound healing process in normal skin.

It is a protective covering composed of epidermis and dermis.

The collagen fibres are parallelly arranged in a single direction.

The collagen fibres are randomly arranged.

Disruptions and lesions in the normal skin tissue.

Uniform and pleasant appearance of skin tissue.

This tissue is more prone to infections.

It is comparatively less prone to infections.

Absence of hair follicles.

Presence of hair follicles.

Less resistant to UV rays.

More resistant to UV rays.

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Frequently Asked Questions on


What is a basement membrane?

It is a thin sheet of extracellular matrix that gives support to tissues and cells. It sits between the dermis and epidermis of normal skin tissue. Thus, this membrane provides the basic anchorage to the loose connective tissue.


What is fibrosis?

It is a wound healing process by which the normal tissue is remodelled into scar tissue. During fibrosis, the random collagen fibres in the normal tissue are oriented parallelly in a single direction. This happens as a response to injury.


What are stretch marks?

It is also a type of scarring that happens due to the repeated stretching of the skin. This can be due to growth spurts during adolescence, weight gain or pregnancy.

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