Cyber Bullying Essay

Cyber bullying is the use of digital technologies with an intent to threaten, humiliate, offend, harass or abuse somebody. Cyber bullying is common among children and adolescents, but women too are always vulnerable to it. The digital platform has now become a common way to interact with other people, and it has also resulted in an increase in the instances of cyber bullying. This cyber bullying essay will help students to understand the concept of cyber bullying, the reason behind cyber bullying, and how it can be prevented. So, students must go through this cyber bullying essay to collect the information on this topic. They can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics to boost their essay writing skills. Doing so will help them to participate in various essay writing competitions as well.

500+ Words Cyber Bullying Essay

The Internet has touched all aspects of human life. It has brought ease by connecting with people around the world, and has also made information available at the click of a button. We live in a society where technology becomes part of our life, and every individual is carrying a cell phone or tablet. The cyber world opens a wide range of learning opportunities. But these opportunities, and the endless ocean of knowledge they open to us, have some drawbacks. The increased connectivity and access to knowledge comes with a price – the evils of cyber bullying.

What is Cyber Bullying?

When one person or a group of people try to tease, threaten or embarrass someone by using a mobile phone or the Internet, then it is called cyber bullying. Let’s first understand what bullying is. Bullying can be defined as constant physical hurt or psychological distress afflicted on a person. It is a unwanted action by another person which can be like a threat, and includes teasing, theft, social exclusion, sexual harassment, intimidation, public humiliation, stalking, physical violence, destruction of property or racial harassment. When these acts are done by a bully through a digital platform, then it will be considered as cyber bullying. The most common example of cyber bullying is posting any kind of humiliating content of the victim, hacking of the victim’s account, sending vulgar messages, stalking, threatening to commit an act of violence, sharing of child pornography, etc.

Reasons for Cyber Bullying

There are various reasons behind cyber bullying. Youth who engage in aggressive behaviour may be attempting to overcome their own feeling of helplessness. They end up expressing their outrage on social media. Another reason for cyber bullying might be the anonymity cyberspace gives them. Due to this lack of visibility, the bully can conceal his identity. Some adults express their anxiety, frustration and anger through social media platforms which may also be a reason behind cyber bullying.

Precautionary Measures

With the constant increase in the cyber bullying cases in India, there is a pressing need to stop cyber bullying. We need to take some necessary steps to stop bullying while dealing with things online. We should not give our account details or passwords to anyone, not even to our closest friends. While posting on social media platforms, we have always got to be mindful of what we are posting there. We should not interact with strangers on social media platforms. We can also block a person who is harassing us. If that too doesn’t deter the bully, then you must reach out for help from your parents, teachers or the law enforcement authorities. We can capture and save the evidence of cyber bullying and can use it for proving our claim.


In India cyber bullying is prohibited by a cluster of laws, and it is constantly demanded by social activists that we need a special law which deals with cyber bullying. Studies find out that victims always go through tough times, and they need emotional support from their family and friends. Law enforcers should educate parents and teachers. There is a need to educate people regarding cyber bullying, and discuss them among childrens and parents.

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