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500+ Words Essay on Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is the difference in treatment of a person based on the sex that puts the individual at a disadvantage or limits his or her access to opportunities that are available to other members of society. Gender discrimination is a characteristic of most societies, with males on average better positioned in social, economic, and political hierarchies. For more than two decades, the gender discrimination continues and still exist in the society. With this essay on Gender Discrimination, students will understand how it is impacting our society and limiting the women’s potential. Also, at the end, we have suggested a few steps to eliminate gender discrimination. Students can practise essays on similar topics to master their essay writing skills.

Factors Responsible for Gender Discrimination

The work done by women is not valued and does not get any recognition. It is considered that the main responsibility of women is to do household work and bring up the children. In most families, women do all work related to the home, such as cleaning, cooking, washing clothes, ironing, tailoring, looking after children, etc. Whereas, men go to the office and do outdoor work to earn their livelihood. Although women constitute half of humanity, their role in public life is minimal in most societies.

The major cause of gender discrimination is illiteracy. People who are not educated continue to follow the old practices in the name of traditions and culture. They are not allowing the women to go outside the home and become independent. This mindset of the people can be changed by educating them. Apart from educating the people, there is a need to educate the girls and women to become aware of their rights. Girls are not given the opportunity to study. In India, there are few girls who go to schools, and among them, there are less who complete their secondary education. Only a few of them get the opportunity for higher education and graduation.

Due to lack of knowledge and education qualification, girls and women could not find a suitable job for themselves. Because of which they have to be financially dependent on the male partner for money. They also don’t have power and decision making capability in their homes. Whatever is decided by the male members of the family, they have to follow that. Women who get the chance to work are underpaid, and they do not get a salary equal to their male counterparts.

Steps to Eliminate Gender Discrimination

India is a male-dominated, patriarchal society. So, it becomes crucial that we make special laws and rules that favour the women, so they get equal treatment in the society. The Government of India introduced various programmes, policies and practices to ensure equal rights and opportunities for women in family, community, workplace and in governance. The Constitution of India also conveys a powerful mandate for equality and the right of women in its preambles, fundamental rights and duties.

After so much of effort by the government, the gender discrimination still continues in many places. It is the responsibility of each citizen to stop gender discrimination wherever they notice it. We should save the girl child and celebrate its birth. Then only the practice of female foeticide will be completely banned in India. We must educate her and teach her to become independent. We should make the environment and surroundings safe for girls and women, whether it is a public place or a workplace. Now, women are seen in every field and sector. They are working as scientists, doctors, engineers, lawyers, managers, college and university teachers, and at various other professions which were earlier not considered suitable for women. So, it’s our responsibility to boost their confidence and help them utilise their full potential. We should provide special facilities such as maternity, child care and menstrual leave to make it easier for them to work.

We hope this essay must have helped students to understand all the aspects of gender discrimination in the society. They must keep studying and preparing for their exams with BYJU’S.

Frequently asked Questions on Gender discrimination Essay

Is gender discrimination is still an existing issue?

Yes, gender discrimation does exist in several parts of the world even today.

How can we raise children without gender discrimination?

1. Make children aware about such societal issues 2. Treat a son and a daughter the same way in a household

What role do teachers play to control this indiscrimination?

Teachers should not act biased towards any particular gender. They should award marks to students only based on the performance in the exams

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