Importance of Good Manners Essay

Manners are something we use every day to make a good impression on others and to feel good about ourselves. Practising good manners is important no matter where we are – at home, work, or with friends. Good manners are ways of treating people so that people feel better about themselves and about each other. Good manners cost us nothing but may win almost everything. If we show good manners to others, then we are more likely to encourage others to behave in the same way towards us. This ‘Importance of Good Manners Essay’ will help students to build good manners in their behaviour.

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500+ Words Importance of Good Manners Essay

Good manners create respect, loyalty and gratitude in society. It attributes to a good social structure. Being well-mannered means acknowledging people each time we meet them. Good manners are a sure key to success. They help in making friends, winning over people and obtaining appreciation and admiration. Following the rules of the road, respecting the queues, helping the weak and old people, and saying ‘thank you’, ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘excuse me’ are a few examples of exhibiting good manners. When we give someone else our seat on a crowded bus, when we hold the door open for another person to walk through, when we wait for our turn, when we walk on the right-hand side of the mall or sidewalk, when we knock before opening the closed door of a room – all of these are also examples of good manners.

Good Manners at School

Childhood is the best period for learning and imbibing good manners. It is in the early formative years that good conduct, behaviour and manners are nurtured and developed. Good manners are learnt early in life. A child born in a cultured family will learn to be respectful to others because he will see his elders behaving gently.

In school, while interacting with teachers, children should listen attentively, raise their hands before speaking during lessons, make eye contact, and be polite when talking. Kids should also treat their peers well by listening when they speak and respecting their personal space. Respecting the classroom is another way to practise good manners. Even when children are playing outside, they can still keep manners in mind. Encourage children to invite another child, who is playing alone, to join the group game or activity.

Social Implications of Good Manners

Good manners are very necessary for progress in life. They help a person to win the favour and confidence of others. They are a sure passport to success in life. An ill-mannered person, on the other hand, is disliked by everyone and has no chance of success in any walk of life. They may be wealthy, great warriors, or intellectuals, but without manners, they can hardly win the respect of others. Good manners endear people to each other. Practising good manners on a daily basis makes life more pleasant.


The norms of human behaviour change in our fast-changing social life, but the status of ‘good manners’ remains constant. Good manners are closely linked to moral values. Basic manners are good to use everywhere, and that care and attention to manners should start at home, among all family members.

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