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500+ Words Essay on Wildlife Conservation

After the evolution of humans, we have changed the land cover of the planet Earth. Wildlife means species of animals living in their natural habitats and not domesticated by humans. Wildlife is found in almost all grasslands, plains, rainforests, ecosystems, deserts, etc. It maintains stability in our environment and is involved in natural processes both directly and indirectly. So, living organisms found in the forest region are also considered wildlife. Every living organism plays a crucial role in the food chain: producer, consumer, or decomposer. All these roles are connected and depend on each other for survival.

Some of the primary reasons that lead to wildlife destruction are the increase in demand for meat leads to hunting, deforestation leads to scarcity of food and space, and natural disasters like floods and earthquakes cause wildlife destruction.

In India, we have a diversity of wildlife. It is a hub of a variety of animals. The ecosystem of India ranges from the Northern Himalayas to the evergreen rainforest of the south, the Western Ghats of the west, to the marshy mangroves of the east. The national animal of India, the Tiger, is found in various parts. Various national parks and sanctuaries have been set up to save tigers.

Wildlife helps in maintaining the ecological balance. Before, the count of wild animals was much greater, but the development of farming, developmental activities and hunting has led to a decrease in the number of wild animals. But, now, due to human interference, wildlife is getting affected and we are now becoming increasingly concerned about their safety and conservation. Unfortunately, many animals are already extinct due to these reasons, and a few of them are on the verge of extinction. So, it is crucial to safeguard these rare wildlife species. This essay on Wildlife Conservation will look at its significance and tackle the situation.


Deforestation means cutting down trees from forests at a large scale for human activities. It is an unavoidable environmental concern as it leads to soil erosion, loss of biodiversity, disturbance in the water cycle and damage to natural habitats. It is also a significant contributor to global warming and climate change.

Approximately forests cover 31% of the Earth’s total land surface. Between 2000 and 2012, over 568 million acres of forest have been claimed by deforestation. In 2018, approximately 9 million acres of virgin tropical forest were cut down. 20% of the world’s oxygen supply comes from the Amazon rainforest. Due to deforestation, every minute, approximately 1.32 acres are lost.

Due to road construction, pollution, and agricultural development, our wildlife is disturbed. Due to illegal hunting, some wild animals are on the verge of extinction.

We should be serious about wildlife conservation because much of wildlife is being rapidly wiped off the earth. The World Wildlife Fund is a global organisation that works towards wildlife protection. National agencies are also involved in wildlife conservation.

Importance of Wildlife Conservation

For our ecosystem, wildlife is an essential aspect. Below, we have listed a few reasons to conserve wildlife:

For medicinal values – Wild plants cover one-third of the pharmaceutical needs. Forests provide great scope for experiments and research for medical science and technology. It also offers excellent scope for the large-scale manufacture of therapeutic medicines.

Keeps our environment healthy – It helps in balancing temperatures globally. It also helps in fighting against the greenhouse effect and controlling the rising sea levels.

Helps in maintaining ecological balance – The interdependence of plants and animals is essential in this aspect.

Economic importance – From forests, we can obtain raw materials which help in the country’s economic growth and contribute to a better standard of living.

How can we conserve wildlife?

Wildlife can be conserved by a strict observance of the following points:

  • We can protect our wildlife by building more national parks and wildlife sanctuaries to protect animals in natural habitats.
  • Species that are vulnerable and endangered should be kept in zoos or sanctuaries and bred for population increase.
  • Deforestation should be prohibited strictly. Forests are home to a variety of wild animals.
  • We should ban hunting animals.

Conclusion of Wildlife Conservation Essay

If all the animals are safe, people can live a very social and happy life. They are an integral part of our life. Some people harm animals because of their personal needs. We should all stop this and save them from getting beaten up or tortured because these innocent beings can’t speak up as we do.

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Frequently asked Questions on Wildlife conservation Essay


How does wildlife imbalance affect the human species?

All species on Earth are inter-related to one another and the sustenance of all these species is necessary. Humans are dependent on other species and also on the eco-system for various needs.


How to write a 500+ words essay within the stipulated time?

Students must practise writing essays on a regular basis to gain the necessary speed and momentum to write 500+ words essay.


Which topics are to be asked in the Board exam essay question (most probable)?

The topics for essay can be asked from a wide list as this is a generic question. However topics of national importance and issues regarding equality, etc can be given more importance.


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