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Child marriage refers to a social phenomenon still practised in some parts of India. In these phenomena, a very young girl child below the age of fifteen is married to an adult man. Another form of child marriage is where parents of both the boy and girl arrange their future marriage. In this form of marriage, the boy and the girl are not allowed to meet each other until they are of marriageable age for their wedding ceremony to be performed.

Some crucial reasons for the prevalence of child marriage in Indian society are poverty, gender inequality, lack of education, social norms, safety concerns about girls and control over sexuality. In comparison to urban areas, girl children in rural areas are more affected by child marriage. However, if any partner is involved in marriage at a very tender age, they can ask for the wedding to be considered annulled.

In 1929, the government passed the Child Marriage Restraint Act to eradicate the evil of child marriage. The Act came into force on the 1st day of April 1930. The Act is passed to eliminate the potential dangers to the life and health of a female child, who are unable to take the stress and strains of married life and avoid early deaths.

According to Indian law, the marriageable age for males is 21 and for females is 18.

Effects of Child Marriage

  1. Girls married at a young age when they are not mature physically lead to the highest maternal and child mortality rates.
  2. Child marriage also leads to domestic violence, social isolation and sexual abuse as they lack power, status and maturity.
  3. Young girls who get married early are always deprived of education or meaningful work, contributing to persistent poverty.
  4. When girls are married at a young age, they are exposed to health risks associated with early sexual initiation and childbearing, such as HIV.
  5. Child Marriage is an interpretation of gender inequality, sickness and poverty.

Causes of Child Marriage


In rural areas, many females and female children are deprived of common resources if the family is poor. Female children are victimised because of poverty in the family. By getting them married, the family can avoid the burden of the child. So, poverty is considered as one of the reasons why families do child marriages.

Social Insecurity

One of the significant social reasons for child marriage is social insecurity. It is believed that a married woman is more secure in society than an unmarried woman. Unmarried women are objectified for sexual pleasure, which leads to crime against them. So, to avoid such incidents, parents are in a hurry to get their daughters married once they reach puberty or even before that.

Ancestral Property

Generally, in rural areas, it is believed that the ancestral property belongs to their son, and if their daughters are married at a young age, they will be out of the share. The girls will not demand a stake in the property if they are married early. So, rights in ancestral property are also considered as one of the reasons for child marriages.

Female Education

When it comes to education, families discriminate between boys and girls. Male children of the house are considered future assets who will earn money and take responsibility for the family. In contrast, female children are considered a burden as they cannot work and only take care of the household chores before and after marriage. Due to this reason, daughters are given less priority than sons.


We can sum up the article by saying that marriage is a sacred union between two mature adults, and it is not a compromise with the children’s future. The issue of child marriage should be addressed at the grassroots level by eradicating poverty and lack of education. This way, people will learn better and do better.

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Frequently asked Questions on child marriage Essay

List some of the reasons for child marriage.

Some main reasons for Child marriage are: 1. Poverty 2. Political and financial instability 3. Illiteracy 4. Gender inequalities and Male domination

What are the effects of child marriage?

Girls who marry before the age of 18 years are likely to experience dangerous complication during pregnancies and childbirth.

How can the child marriage system be abolished?

1. Educate and empower girls 2. Hold campaigns and spread awareness 3. Provide confidence and economic support to under previledged people

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