If I Were a Doctor Essay

Doctors are next to God as they save lives. Being a doctor is not just a profession but the noblest work that one can do for society. When we were kids, someone would ask us what we wanted to become. Then most of us would answer that we wanted to become a doctor. So, here we have provided a sample essay on the topic ‘If I Were a Doctor’. By going through this essay, students will get an idea of writing an impressive essay on the topic. Each student may have different thoughts, so this ‘If I Were a Doctor’ essay is just for reference. However, students are free to write their own essays as per their feelings. They can also get the list of CBSE Essays on different topics for their practice. It will help them to participate in various essay writing competitions.

500+ Words ‘If I Were a Doctor’ Essay

A doctor is a useful member of the community. Whether we live in a village, town, city or metro city, we all have the contact numbers of doctors near us. This is because we never know when an emergency arises and when we need a doctor. The doctor is an angel for the patients. He saves the lives of people suffering from different kinds of diseases. He gives them a new life and hope. He reduces their pain and gives them medical treatment.

In today’s world, medical science has shown a lot of development. As a result of which, the treatment of various dangerous diseases like cancer is possible. This has also increased the lifespan of human beings, and they keep healthy and fit in their old age as well. This is a miracle that wasn’t possible without the contribution of doctors.

If I were a doctor, I would first take the oath of fulfilling my duty and responsibility as a doctor in the right manner. I would do my work with full dedication and honesty. For me, my duty towards patients would be the first one. I would stay cool and calm in all types of situations and even handle the most critical cases with care.

If I were a doctor, I would make sure that I treat people with full sincerity. I would treat every patient personally and monitor them throughout their treatment so they recover soon. I would offer free treatment to those people who cannot afford to go to hospitals and are poor. In this way, I would do social work. I would spend my weekends in the service of the poor, the needy and the socially backward people who are suffering from diseases and need treatment and care. I would not work just to earn money. Serving the people would be my first priority to me, and money would only be secondary.

If I were a doctor, I would have helped people during the COVID-19 pandemic. I would have given myself to the service of the people. There were so many people who died during COVID because of not getting treatment. There was a lack of doctors and nurses in the hospitals. I would have isolated myself from my family and treated the patients by staying at the hospital only. I would have spread awareness among the people regarding the cause of the spread of coronavirus and told them how they could save themselves.

If I were a doctor, I would recommend people opt for a healthy lifestyle. I would motivate them to do daily yoga and exercise for at least 30 minutes. People should devote themselves to physical exercise if they want to stay healthy and fit. They should eat healthy food and follow a properly balanced diet. I would recommend people cut down on fast food and street food. I would organise awareness campaigns related to the consumption of alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes, drugs etc. and educate people regarding their harmful effects.

Doctors are considered gods as they bring back life and treat illness. A good doctor is a blessing to society and the country, and that is why I would love to be a doctor.

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