Follow The 10 Tips Before Writing 10th Board Exams

Are you appearing your first board exam? Class 10 board exam is going to be the first step towards your dream career. With only one month left for boards, students usually get jitters of anxiousness and tend to become nervous on the D-Day. Lacking effective preparedness, it is also common that the students miss out some of the basic level questions due to lack of time. Fret not, we have the best solution to follow before the boards and during the exams that will make sure you pass with flying colours.

Get your own distraction-free study corner : Your study corner or the place should be free from unnecessary distractions like a laptop or phone. Fix that study corner to prepare for your exam. The gadgets would waste your most precious time before this important  examination, so to stay away from them while you are preparing for your exam.

Follow this revision pattern: We have a memory cycle of a day or 24 hours and again for the next seven days. If you are revising a topic, you need to revise it again in the next 24 hours, and then again within the next seven days – Follow this technique to make sure your brain refreshes those topics again and again. This habit will help revise better for any future exams.

Time table with syllabus : Follow a time-table with syllabus on it, for all subjects, and religiously follow it. There are going to be many topics to revise at this point of time, and if you are allocating equal time for all the subjects then you are going to cover all topic without any fail.  Click here to get latest CBSE board syllabus.


Use mnemonics memory technique to revise: If you are unable to remember a topic or main points of a topics, use the mnemonic (learning technique that aids information retention in the human memory) formula to remember these. Mnemonic doesn’t have set rules to be applied for, you can create your own mnemonic formulea.

The most common way to do it is to integrate the initials of words/sentence and memories the integration of that word. It is also called the link method. For example, there are four types of tissues in human body –  





and you are unable to remember the names – Integrate the initial letters –

Co Mu Ne Ep  (Come you Neep)

Easy, ain’t it? So the next time you have a topic giving you headaches – VIBGYOR it .

to tips to prepare for board exams

Sample papers are a must: To get yourself acquainted with the time limit and exam pattern, you should take sample test papers in your study corner, avoiding all distractions. This way you will get to know how much time you should spend to answer the questions, marks wise, and also about your areas of improvement. Follow the links to get Science sample papers and Maths sample papers.

Hone your strengths but don’t ignore your weakness: After taking the mock tests, you will come to know of the topics that your are strong as well as weak in. With one month in hand, it never too late to ask your teacher/ mentor to teach you that topic again. You can also find some useful video tutorials that will help you in covering the topics in a easy way :

Keep calm and Keep fit: Stress can affect your health and mind. Have a positive attitude and don’t think too much on what will happen. Go on a brisk walk and keep yourself calm and fit. Energise yourself by playing outside and eat healthy. It is important to avoid studying late hours now. You should not remain awake till late night before the examination, you might end up having headaches during the examination.

During the examination :

Present your paper well : Remember, the examiner doesn’t know you, you don’t know the examiner. The paper that he has in his hands is what you are presenting before him – so, you need to present your paper well. It is important for you to write in legible and neat handwriting.”

Don’t waste too much time on an answer you don’t remember : If you can’t remember the answer of a particular question, then just relax, calm yourself and think. If you still don’t remember – then just leave a space to go for the answer later and start attempting the next question. Come to the left out question after some time with a fresh mind.

Keep the last 15 minutes to recheck your paper: Revise what you have written in the answer sheet, question by question to see if you left any question to answer by mistake, mis numbered an answer, provided relevant diagrams or not etc. Keep the last 15 mins to revise your paper thoroughly.

Class 10 board is crucial exam that will determine the career path that you will choose. You must, study hard and keep in mind these important tips to prepare for your exam. Remember to solve practise tests every week for every subject.

All the best for your boards! Keep yourself updated with latest CBSE / ICSE board related news through the CBSE Notification Only At Byjus.

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Plant cells have small vacuoles whereas animal cells possess larger vacuoles.