Chemical Bonding Class 11 Notes

In class 11 students will come across the topic of chemical bonding in chapter 4 of the chemistry textbook. Basically, in this chapter, students will learn the different bonds that exist between elements and how these bonds are important in the formation of a compound. To help students understand the chapter and clear the basics, free CBSE notes for class 11 Chemistry – chemical bonding and molecular structure are provided here. These notes have been thoroughly prepared by experts to further help students study effectively and even perform well in the exams. These notes also contain detailed information about important chapter topics and students can use the notes to complete their revisions effectively before the exams.

The notes given here includes detailed information about given important topics:

Students are also advised to practice the last year question papers and sample papers to score good marks in the class 11 chemistry exam.

Chemistry Sample Paper Class 11

Chemistry Important Questions Class 11

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Frequently asked Questions on CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Notes: Chemical Bonding


What does the Valence bond theory state?

In valence bond theory, the atomic orbitals of individual atoms are combined to form chemical bonds.


What is the meaning of lone pair of electrons?

In chemistry, a lone pair refers to a pair of valence electrons that are not shared with another atom in a covalent bond and is sometimes called an unshared pair or non-bonding pair.


What is a hydrogen bond?

In hydrogen bonding, interaction involving a hydrogen atom located between a pair of other atoms having a high affinity for electrons.


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