Science Projects for Class 5

Science projects play a unique role in the education frame of every student. It enlarges the boundaries and exposes to an exciting and different world that makes them worthy and purposeful person to the nation. Byju’s brings you the most preferred and selected science projects for class 5 along with explanation and procedures, with images and diagram description. Science has no limits and so is its strength and working models are equally efficient in enlightening the world of technology.

Tooth Decay

Experimental model of tooth decay that involves effect of chemical reactions is interesting and beneficial. It needs a few inexpensive materials and a week’s of observation and keeping the record.

Changing the Period of a Pendulum

The momentum that is created by the acceleration makes the mass to swing in the opposite direction and height equal to its previous position.

simple microscope

You can make a simple microscope by using water to have a closer look at the world. The lens that is made works like a magnifying lens that allows you to view the objects in detail.

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