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The zoo is a protected habitat place for animals (giraffe, tiger, monkey, lion, etc.) and birds (peacock, parrot, ostrich, etc.). Animals, birds and other creatures are kept in a limited space inside the zoo, and food and medicines are provided by concerned officials at regular intervals. The zoo is also considered a breeding ground for animals that help continue their species. We are fascinated with animals, birds, and other creatures as human beings. We love to observe various species of animals closely. So, a zoo is where we interact with different kinds of animals and birds but under strict monitoring and surveillance. Kids get to learn more interesting facts about wildlife by visiting a zoo.

When we visit a zoo, we can find a mix of animal species from across the world. For each animal, bird and other creature, different sections are allocated according to their breeds and types of fauna. For example, monkeys and chimpanzees are kept inside a cage with many trees to climb and swing around. They are fed mangoes, nuts and bananas. Children love to see them hanging from one tree to another.

Carnivorous animals are kept in different places from one another. They are allotted enough space to roam around and hunt their prey. Sometimes, the prey is deliberately put inside the cage by zoo officials.

Benefits of Zoo

Zoo, honestly, feels like a jail for animals, but it is a breeding ground for them to safeguard their species. It brings human beings closer to wildlife and allows scientists to observe their behaviour closely. The zoo staff are well-trained and ensure the safety and health of animals. They are provided with nutritious food and health facilities. One of the significant purposes of the zoo is to show the varieties of animals and birds that exist in this world.

When it comes to kids, the zoo is an excellent entertainment source as they love to play and interact with animals. It also helps them to learn practical knowledge about different species of animals. By visiting a zoo, kids can improve their educational learning about the characteristics of various animals.

In some zoos, we get to see rare animals and birds. When humans visit zoos, they get a chance to see these rare species of animals. It’s always delightful to watch all the animals inside the zoo moving around freely. A visit to the zoo allows us to learn more about various types of animals and birds. It also provides us with easy access to rare or extinct animals. The existence of zoos creates awareness about rare species.

When we go on a zoo trip, it leaves us with a newfound perspective on animals. It increases our love and respect for animals.

Disadvantages of Zoo

Some people are against the idea of keeping animals in zoos. According to them, the animals are kept as an exhibition inside the zoo for human beings. It’s also not the natural habitat of the animals. Like human beings, animals should also get equal opportunities to live in their natural habitat.

It’s unethical to move these animals from their natural habitat to zoos just for the entertainment purposes of human beings. These poor animals are voiceless creatures forcefully put into cages by human beings. They are also kept in unhygienic conditions.

Exotic animals are not taken care of properly inside the zoo. These exotic animals are brought forcefully after knowing that they cannot survive in this climate. In some zoos, preventive measures are not taken to keep the animals safe, resulting in many animal deaths, and it looks very cruel.


Zoos, no doubt, are lovely spots for children and adults. They should be funded well to help rare species from going extinct. They help a person come face-to-face with the environment and feel one with it. The experience of going home after a visit to the zoo is always magnificent and enriching. Zoos, to some extent, are beneficial for humans and animals. Animals kept inside the zoo should be constantly monitored to ensure their safety. They must be kept in a proper hygienic manner to ensure that they are healthy. We should ensure that unethical zoos are closed permanently to prevent further loss of innocent animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Zoo Essay


Which is the largest zoo in the world?

The North Carolina Zoo in the USA is the largest zoo and houses about 1800 animals.


What are the precautions to be taken while visiting a zoo?

Visitors should not excite the animals by throwing things at them. They must refrain from feeding the animals. Never play any disturbing music or use flashlights at them. It is better not to carry any sharp/ flammable items. Last but not least, do not litter.


Why is the zoo an important tourist spot?

Since the zoo is a house to several species and is an exciting place to visit, people of all age groups flock to the zoo to enjoy their vacation or holiday.


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