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For the safety of the people, the government introduced traffic rules, which everybody needs to follow. It is essential for road safety, so everybody needs to follow it without fail. These signals make traffic movement smoother and are divided into guidance, second as a warning, and third as regulatory. So, you should always follow the traffic rules because breaking the rules can lead to traffic problems. The government has made it mandatory for anyone to get a driving license to be well-versed with traffic signs/regulations.

The most critical part of traffic rules is the traffic lights. While going on the road, people should obey the traffic signals. These signals suggest when people should slow down, drive and stop vehicles. Traffic lights show three colours, Red means stop, yellow means slow down, and Green means go.

While driving your vehicle on the road, you should drive your vehicle according to the speed limit mentioned on the speed limit board. While driving your car, avoid using mobile phones. You must have come across a horn sign on a panel with a line drawn above, which means no useless honking. Every year, drinking and driving cause many accidents, due to which many people lose their lives.

People should not park their vehicle where they see the capital P sign with a line above it, and should park where a capital P signboard is there. Your vehicle should be parked in the allocated space; otherwise, the traffic police will charge money.

Following the traffic rules will keep you safe on the road and help you drive in a disciplined manner. While riding a bike, people should wear a helmet, and in a car, you should wear seat belts. We should teach our kids to cross the road using the zebra crossing.

Key Rules of Traffic (Rules of Safety)

It is crucial to follow the traffic rules while on the road to ensure the safety of ourselves and others. Some prime regulations that should be followed are:

  • We should keep our vehicle towards our left if we want the opposite side vehicle to cross safely and allow the car beyond.
  • Keep the vehicle at the left when parting the former road and entering a new one at the instance of taking a left turn.
  • Bring your car to the centre and twist left if you want to take a right turn.
  • The vehicle speed should be reduced while taking turns, near zebra crossings, while overtaking, and other such instances.
  • If you are riding a two-wheeler, wear a helmet to protect your head from any severe head injury. Only for Sikhs with turbans relaxation is provided.
  • You should park your vehicle in the allotted space, whether than parking in the pedestrian passage, doorway of an organisation, close to the traffic lights, crowded area, etc.
  • You should honk in essential circumstances. Unnecessary honking can lead to noise pollution.
  • You should maintain an adequate distance from the other vehicles to avoid the collision. If there is an improper distance between two cars and the car in front stops suddenly, in such circumstances, you need to apply brakes suddenly, which can cause a clash.
  • While on the road, follow the traffic lights and traffic police directions. Traffic police directions are for our safety, and we cannot risk our lives going against these.
  • Always be careful while taking a U-turn and look at the traffic behind while taking it. Make hand signals while taking a U-turn.

Significance of Traffic Rules

People should be well aware of the traffic signs such as stop signs, speed limit signs and no entry signs. Traffic rules and lights are not formed by the government to make money. It is for our own protection.

The road rules help us gain experience, such as maintaining a moderate speed, not trespassing the prohibited area, and stopping the vehicle by reducing the rate. It reduces the chance of accidents.


We get to see, hear or read several accident cases each day because of irresponsible driving. We don’t give importance to our valuable lives just to save minutes or seconds. Also, we are prepared to place the life of others in danger too!! Traffic Rules teach us to become excellent and accountable citizens of the motherland.

A famous saying,” Slow and steady wins the race.” Only when you get safe can you win time for your family and the nation’s service at large!! Thus, drive cautiously and reach your destination safely.

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Frequently asked Questions on Traffic rules Essay

Why is it important to follow traffic rules?

Traffic rules are designated to protect and save lives while driving. Following traffic rules is not a favour we are doing, but it is for our own safety.

What are the basic traffic rules?

1. Do not drink and drive 2. Carry valid license and vehicle insurance 3. Do not over speed or overtake 4. Follow traffic signals 5. Wear seatbelt

What are the benefits of following traffic rules?

1. Safety for drivers 2. Reduce number of accidents 3. Reduces stress and helps in focusing better while driving

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