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500 Words Essay on the Life of Soldiers

Soldiers are the pride of our nation and our country’s greatest asset. They defend our motherland and protect citizens at all costs. Soldiers put their countries above their self-interest. The profession of a soldier brings the best qualities of a human being, like discipline, chivalry, loyalty, team spirit, and steadfastness. In this world, the job of a soldier is the most challenging. Soldiers serve their country to the best abilities. They always follow their duties despite hardships. A person should possess exceptional qualities to become a brave soldier. Before being sent to the war zone, soldiers are trained for years. This training period is challenging, bringing out the best in them and preparing them for the battlefield.

We get to hear stories of our brave soldiers who fought in the Kargil War. The life of a soldier is an excellent source of inspiration for our youth. For example, Netaji Subash Chandra Bose is still remembered for his brave deeds, who gave his life for the country’s independence.

Duties of Soldiers

As a soldier, the first and foremost duty is to serve their country. The country’s citizens sleep peacefully when their soldiers perform their duties genuinely. Usually, a person joins the army to show their love towards the country. The life of a soldier is tough, and they have to undergo numerous problems, but still, people want to join the army.

As a soldier, they have to safeguard the honour of their country. Soldiers never give up and fight till their last breath in any critical circumstances. Besides, they should be constantly alert. It is said that a soldier is never off duty.

Another duty of a soldier is to maintain peace and harmony within the country. It’s his responsibility to ensure a safe environment for all. Besides, soldiers also have to be alert at all times. Apart from guarding the state and national boundaries, they are always there for emergencies. A soldier knows how to handle a natural calamity or a terrorist attack.

Challenges Faced by Soldiers

Away from family

Most of their time is spent serving the nation. Unfortunately, they hardly get any leaves, even during festivals or family functions. They stay away from their loved ones, which is the most challenging and emotional part of being soldiers. If somehow their leaves are approved, they must report back to their base in an emergency.

Physical training

To become a soldier, they need to undergo rigorous physical training. They continuously exercise for hours and go through various physical exercises. This can be exceptionally tedious and challenging for recruits.

Lack of supply

Soldiers need to go for extended missions in remote areas in challenging situations. The lack of basic amenities like proper food makes the soldiers’ lives even more difficult in remote areas. However, they carry on their duties in such challenging conditions.

Extreme weather conditions

Soldiers are posted in extreme weather conditions like freezing cold, scorching heat and heavy rains. They fight between dense forests and snow-covered mountains. Furthermore, they are always on the field protecting their country.

Lack of bulletproof equipment

During the time of war, soldiers are constantly exposed to bullets. They should be equipped with bulletproof clothes and shields in such a situation. Unfortunately, in many countries, including India, we see a shortage of bulletproof equipment.


For every soldier, the protection of the motherland is a priority. Soldiers perform their duties selflessly, and they have qualities like respect, discipline, teamwork, loyalty and bravery. They sacrifice their lives for the nation and the people.

Soldiers are the defence system of the nations in the world. They are the ones who courageously safeguard the people and the nation from different dangers and enemies. They are the most incredible pride of the countries in the world.

An ideal soldier must be for the country. They are expected to serve their country with selfless self and sacrifice their lives for their respect. We salute such great souls and look towards them for inspiration.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Soldiers Essay


What are the duties of a soldier?

The main motto of a soldier is to ensure national security and defend their nation from external/internal attacks or aggressions.


What are the disadvantages of serving in the army?

Disadvantages of serving in the army include being injured or permanently maimed, uncertainty about the future, and a life away from family


What is the highest military rank in India?

The highest military rank in India is Field marshal or ‘five-star general’.


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