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Taking care of our Earth is no longer an option – it is a necessity. There is no other alternative planet where life is possible other than Earth. Since the beginning of our existence, we have exploited nature by cutting innumerable trees to build infrastructure and killing animals for food. We have extracted minerals, crystals, and gems from the womb of the Earth. We have taken and used whatever natural wealth there is to take and are now facing the grave consequences of nature’s pushback. We must realise that the Earth’s resources are not limitless. They are depleting fast, and this threatens our existence on the planet that we call home. Thus, it’s crucial that we should take care of and save Mother Earth. This essay on ‘Save Earth’ will help us to understand the current condition of our planet and what measures we can take to save Earth. We have also compiled a list of CBSE Essays for students to boost their essay-writing skills.

Alarming Situation of Earth

The Earth has reached an alarming state. It’s high time for us to take action. Human activities have impacted the atmosphere and climate conditions of the Earth. It has had such an impact that the seasons have shifted. Now, there is a delay in the monsoon. The summer is becoming too hot and glaciers are melting. The sea level is rising, and aquatic life is on the verge of extinction. Pollution is increasing, and the air quality is getting worse day by day. The water is getting polluted, and the noise level is rising, due to which most of the people are getting ill. Global warming and the greenhouse effect are the results of human activities, which are now causing threats to human life itself. So, if we are not going to act now, then it will be too late, and till then, the existence of life on Earth will end.

Different Ways to Save Earth

To save Earth, we all have to come up together to make a difference. One person can not make up the difference, but we all together can do the miracle. We have to take care of small things in our daily routines, such as switching off the lights when not in need, closing the tap and using the water properly, and avoiding the use of plastic and non-biodegradable material at home. We should focus on solar and renewable sources of energy, such as solar heaters and panels. Take out the private vehicle or car only when required and prefer using public transport.

We should try to educate other people about the alarming situation on Earth and guide them on how they can contribute to saving the Earth. For this, various campaigns or group activities can be performed in public places to raise awareness. Also, we should plant more and more trees in our neighbourhood. We should adopt and promote an eco-friendly lifestyle. We must teach our kids the value of our planet, so they will also adapt to sustainable living and not exploit our planet. Remember, every little step does make a difference!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Saving our Earth Essay


What are the simple steps to be followed to save our Earth?

Simple steps to save our Earth include volunteering to clean up the community and public places, ensuring water and soil conservation, planting trees on special occasions and making this a habit, avoiding shopping for unwanted things and controlling pollution.


Is Global warming connected to the ‘Save our Earth’ notion?

Yes, global warming is a situation that is causing a lot of natural calamities around the world. Saving the Earth is said to definitely reduce the effects of Global warming.


Are we destroying planet Earth by expanding infrastructure?

Several acres of forest area are now being converted into construction sites as a part of infrastructure development. In turn, the wildlife and animals which belong to these forests are left homeless, thereby causing a great natural imbalance.


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