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The Sun, a star, is located at the centre of the Solar System and is the nearest star to the Earth. It is the most prominent energy source known as the Milky Way of the solar system. The Sun is composed of various spheres of hot gasses, mainly hydrogen and helium. It was created from the remnants of a dead star. The Earth, located at the centre, revolves around the Sun. The Sun is essential for our planet, Earth, as it provides energy for life’s existence. In this Essay on Sun, we will discuss the details and their importance.

About the Sun

The Sun’s size is about 1.3 million of the Earth, and its surface area is about twelve thousand times the Earth’s. One day, the Sun will consume the Earth. After it burns all of its hydrogens, it expands its size and transforms into a red giant star.

The sun is a giant sphere that glows as it contains hot gases. The Sun is made up of 70% hydrogen and 28% helium. Besides these two significant gases, it also contains nitrogen, oxygen and carbon. Some other elements present in the Sun are sulfur, magnesium, neon and silicon. Compared to the Moon, the Sun is four hundred thousand times brighter. The Sun consists of a three-layered atmosphere: Chromosphere, Photosphere, and Corona.

The brightness of the Sun can be measured using magnitudes. The magnitude of the Sun is 26.74, due to which we cannot look at the Sun with our naked eyes, as compared to the Moon.

Importance of the Sun

In our solar system, the Sun is an essential star. Life on Earth would not have existed without the Sun. The Sun provides sunlight to humans, animals and plants. Humans must get sunlight, as it gives vitamin D. Plants also need sunlight for photosynthesis. Solar energy is also extracted from the Sun, an alternative source of electricity.

Plants are heavily dependent on sunlight to produce food and oxygen as a by-product. Many plants grow with the help of the sun and soil. By utilising the greenhouse method, we can extend the growing season of plants during winter.

For humans, the primary source of vitamin D is sunlight. It is a challenge to get the necessary vitamin D that our bodies need only through the medium of food. The vitamin D we get comes from the ultraviolet B rays present in the Sun. There are two ways to obtain vitamin D: sunlight falling on your skin and consuming supplements. The production rate of vitamin D might vary due to several factors such as skin tone, exposure time and the time of day.

In our human body, vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium. It also balances calcium and phosphate serum concentrations and prevents hypocalcemic tetany.

In many cultures, especially Hindu traditions, the Sun is objectified as God. In many ancient cultures, the sun was a solar deity or some supernatural entity.

We need sunlight for infinite reasons, like growing crops, etc. The solar energy extracted from the Sun can heat water and warm houses during winter. It provides us with enormous benefits by making our life easier. Without the Sun, our planet would be a planet without any existence of life.

Besides all the positive effects, the Sun also has some adverse outcomes. According to studies, it is responsible for climate change and damage to the ozone layer.

Conclusion of the Essay on Sun

In our solar system, the sun is an essential component. Due to the Sun, we can exist on the planet Earth. We must be thankful for all the benefits that the Sun provides. We get huge benefits from the Sun, and the more we understand the Sun, the more we advance towards the findings of the Sun.

Furthermore, we should know how to use our resources efficiently to lead a better life. In the future, we might find some solution to overcome the adverse effects of the Sun. The more we get to know the Sun, we understand its importance of it, and we should not take it for granted. The Sun is about 5 billion years old, and one day the Sun will die, and Earth will no longer live.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sun Essay


Is life possible on Earth without the Sun?

Sun is the most important star of our solar system, and it is responsible for life thriving on Earth. Plants and other species derive energy and other resources from the Sun. Without the Sun, Earth would merely be just another empty star.


What are the benefits of sunlight?

Sunlight kills bacteria and acts as an insecticide. It helps make Vitamin D in the body. Exposure to sunlight reduces the risk of skin infections and heart diseases.


What are the disadvantages of excessive exposure to sunlight?

Excessive sunlight exposure can cause skin allergies, rashes, sunstroke and high blood pressure.


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