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Every day, we hear about politics related to politicians, government, and political parties. We require a particular organisation if we want our government to work in an organised manner and per specific guidelines. In this scenario, politics comes in as it primarily forms an organised government. The political system is built so that, irrespective of what policies, ideologies, institutions, strategies, behaviours, classes, or diplomacy a political party follows, the core vision and objective lie in the country’s development.

Essay on Politics

Political parties are constituted based on the same ideology and thinking. Political parties are divided as left and right. Lefts are liberal, secular and pro-government ideologies, while the right is majoritarian, pro-poor and rebellious. In any country, politics incorporate the ruling government and the opposition party. Good politics consists of the government and its opposition, both working for its development.

Politics is not only restricted to the ruling government. It is also about the others who are still in the race to achieve the same passion. During the political debates and sessions, the opposition parties can question the ruling government. Opposition parties help the people to know about the plans implemented by the present government. These all can only be achieved by doing politics.

Dirty Politics

In a country like India, often politics is played as a dirty game. In dirty politics, parties or individuals make moves for their own personal interests, ignoring the nation’s overall development. Indian politics is all about injustice, greed, corruption and hatred. If we look at it closely, there are various constituents of dirty politics.

Unfortunately, elections are all about power, money and muscle power. During election times, politicians promise to do various developments for the betterment of society. These promises are falsely made to get votes from the people. Suppose the politicians want to follow the party’s ideology, but those ideologies are also flawed and broken from votes. Politicians choose to join a party not based on the party’s ideologies but their winnability quotient.

Political parties, for their gain, try to divide people based on class, creed and religion. This term is usually called communal polarisation. These cunning political parties play these innocent voters of India by making fancy promises in the name of development. In a democratic country like India, law-abiding citizens should be aware of their rights and responsibilities.

To be in the limelight, the ministers of various political parties spread fake news, defame the opposition and give inappropriate speeches against them. They also spread hatred and pass the unacceptable remarks against other opposition parties to win the majority of votes in the elections. The country’s harmony and essence of politics are distributed with such activities.

In our country, most politicians are corrupt and utilise their power for their interests rather than the country. The power they get makes them more robust, and because of it, they can get away with any crime. When we switch on the news, we hear information about ministers and their families indulged in illegal practices and scams.

When these political parties want votes, they make false promises to the public. With their sugar-coated words, political parties manipulate and influence the people, believing it will be fulfilled. But, as soon as they win the elections, they ignore the problems of the public. Only ordinary people are affected by dirty politics.

Scarcity of Educated Ministers

One of the strangest things is that to contest the elections, there is no minimum education requirement. If we talk about Indian politics, any random person can contest the elections if they are powerful and financially sound. The individual should be at least 25 years old and a citizen of India.

There are fewer development chances when we have inexperienced ministers ruling our country. Thus, political parties are full of non-deserving and uneducated candidates who get into power and misuse it for their benefit.

In the government, we need educated ministers as they are the ones who will bring development and progress to our country. So, to run the entire country, the candidates should be well-qualified because running the whole nation is a big responsibility.

So, in conclusion, we should come forward to save our country from these corrupt politicians who are creating hurdles in the developmental growth of the country.

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Frequently asked Questions on Politics Essay

What is the meaning of politics?

Any work or ideas which are related or connected to or with governing the country/town is known as politics.

Why do we need different political parties?

Political parties serve as the pillars of any democracy. Leaders are elected from these political parties and thus more number of political parties leads to many citizens participating in elections.

What is the role of a politician?

A politician is a person who is actively involved in politics and a part of any political party. They are allowed to create, reject, change any of the laws that govern the land, people of that particular country.

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