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A human individual gets knowledge from every experience in life. The knowledge that a child receives in school decides his/her future life and place in the society. Knowledge is related to knowing something. It is a sum of human understanding of the world, whether it is physical, biological, social, mental and spiritual. In simple terms, knowledge is the sum of human understanding of material and mental reality, and power is defined as the capacity to make someone do something that he/she wants. So, knowledge makes us powerful. With the help of this essay, students will know the importance of knowledge and how it helps people to gain power. With the help of knowledge, we can easily solve any kind of problem in our lives. They can also refer to the list of CBSE essays to practise essays on different topics and improve their writing section.

What Does “Knowledge is Power” Means?

Knowledge is Power is a proverb. It means that knowledge is more powerful than any type of physical strength. Knowledge empowers people to achieve great results. A knowledgeable person is respected in society. From the annals of history, we can see that great scholars and preachers like Aristotle and Swami Vivekananda, are remembered even today. Good teachers and professors are still admired in society as they have ample knowledge which they share with students. With good knowledge and hard work, it is never too late to amass wealth to become so powerful.

To understand ‘knowledge is power’ more clearly, let’s take an example. Suppose a group of people get lost in a dark jungle, and only one of them knows the path out of the woods. So, he will show the path to others and the rest of them will follow him. So, knowledge here made him win and gained him the power to lead the group members. In the similar way, society can also be taken as a jungle. In society, people get power with knowledge. Everyone silences to the knowledgeable person in the society and no one follows an ignorant person.

Relationship between Knowledge and Power

The sloka from Sanskrit exemplifies the greatness of education or knowledge. It clearly states the relationship between knowledge and power:

विद्यां ददाति विनयं,

विनयाद् याति पात्रताम्।

पात्रत्वात् धनमाप्नोति,

धनात् धर्मं ततः सुखम्॥

Vidya Dadati Vinayam,

Vinaya yaati Patrataam |

Patratvad Dhanamaapnoti,

Dhanaad Dharamam Tatah Sukham ||

The meaning of shloka is that, through learning/knowledge we get humility, through humility we get worthiness, from worthiness we get wealth, from wealth we do good deeds, and good deeds give happiness. In simple words, it means that knowledge helps an individual to grow in society. It makes a person humble and disciplined. With humbleness and proper discipline, a person gets the height of achievement in life. With the achievement of success, a person is termed as powerful in the society.

Knowledge is a very powerful tool which can be used in our daily life to improve ourselves, thereby society and nation. It comes after many experiences. Sometimes a bad experience also teaches a very important lesson in life.

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Frequently asked Questions on Knowledge is power Essay

Why is knowledge an important resource?

The education and knowledge that a student receives at school (at an young age) helps the child build his future and career in an appriopriate, successful manner.

What is meaning of the phrase ‘Knowledge is power’?

It means that knowledge and wisdom are mighter assets than physical or financial strenght. It is important for a person to acquire knowledge before aiming for other things.

Does knowledge indicate only textual reading?

Knowledge automatically means impartition of moral values, ethics, behavioural etiquettes, etc. Textual reading is only a basic and primary form of knowledge.

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