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500+ Words Female Education Essay

Female education is essential to change women’s status in society. Educated women play a crucial role in the development of a family, society and nation. Female education helps in eliminating the inequalities and disparities based on gender. It helps to give women respect and status within and out of their families. It is the key factor for prosperity, welfare and development of women in our society. Education provides more strength to women and plays a significant role in women empowerment. This female education essay is an effort to put emphasis on female education in India. Students must go through it and collect points which will help them in writing an essay on this topic in their own words. They can also go through the list of CBSE Essays on different topics to boost their essay writing skills.

Education Status of Females in India

There are many in the older generation who believe that certain high-level positions and professions are just not meant for women. Even today it is said, “Teaching profession is the best and safest profession for women”. There was a time when educating women was looked upon as a disgrace. Women were treated badly, and the importance of women in the society was underestimated. They were considered inferior to men. Even now this concept has not changed as expected. However, the role and status of women in society have significantly changed during the last few decades.

The 21st century has brought on its trail, a new hope for women. There came drastic changes in the roles, ambitions and attitudes of women. From a nonentity, they have been able to establish an identity for themselves in modern society in different areas such as politics, business, medicine, engineering, law, civil service, etc. And these impacts are a result of the fact that women are now educating themselves. Education is one of the most significant means for empowering women or girls in India.

Factors for Low Female Literacy in India

Various factors are responsible for the poor literacy rate of females in India. Some of these are gender inequality, girl child enagaged with the domestic household work, social discrimination, less enrolment of girls in schools, low retention rate of girls and high dropout rate in primary school education. The dropout rate among girls in early stages of schooling is very high. The reason behind this might be high cost of study, low family income, girls getting involved in household work, marriage at an early age, etc. Apart from these reasons, a substantial percentage of girls quit because of non-availability of educational institutions close to their homes. Also, the lack of regular and safe means of travel is one of the major reasons. The lack of proper toilets/ means of sanitation and hygiene is also another important reason that keeps young girls away from school.

Measures Taken to Improve Female Education in India

India has adopted many different paths and strategies for increasing female literacy rate. The overall situation and status of women also has improved. The expansion of girls/women education has been an integral part of educational policies and programmes. The Ministry of Human Resource Development has taken a number of initiatives for expansion and development of girls’ schools and higher education, ensuring gender equality in the sector. The Indian government has launched various programmes and schemes to promote female education. Some of them are Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao, Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya, Saakshar Bharat, Mahila Samakhya.


Empowerment of girls and women is essential for achieving sustainable development. New strategies and initiatives must include various tools for social empowerment of women such as access to education, health care, adequate nutrition and equal opportunity. Legal and institutional mechanisms should be developed to help women in need. Socio-cultural practices that work as barriers to empowerment of women and girls need to be removed at the earliest.

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