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Being a student is one of the most important facets of an individual’s life. It is a golden period when students are filled with joy and happiness. As a student, they are free from all the worries of grown-up life. At this stage, their mind is very sharp; they have the ability to grasp things very quickly. They observe and learn a lot of things from the people around them and their surroundings. For this very reason, it is vital that every student is properly guided in the right direction. The knowledge they acquire and the qualities they possess will lead them to become ideal students. 

The following essay on ‘being an ideal student’ will help students understand who is considered an ideal student and the qualities one should possess to mould themselves into being an ideal student. They can also access the list of CBSE essays to practise more essays on different topics for their English exam.

Ideal Student

An ideal student is one who is obedient, punctual, determined, well-disciplined, hardworking and sincere. They are the hope of the family, the future of the nation, and the pride and glory of the school. They respect their teachers, parents, elders and peers and help friends when in need. They motivate others around them with their actions and words. They are always ready to learn; they keep the curiosity to learn more alive. They try out new things and experiment with different ways to educate themselves and become better individuals. They analyse their activities, realise their mistakes and work on improving themselves. Moreover, they keep themselves physically and mentally healthy. 

In addition to these, there are a few other qualities also that categorise an individual as an ideal student. An ideal student will be organised; they will have extraordinary time management skills. They will have a timetable based on which they will plan their daily activities and their study schedule. They will stick to their plan and make sure that they make the best use of their time. This does not mean that they are people who have no fun at all. You should be familiar with the saying, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. The mind needs to relax as much as it is used in learning and other activities.

The ancient Indian Sanskrit text (Shloka) lays out the five qualities that an ideal student should possess. It states some particular qualities of a few animals and birds to explain how a student should work on these qualities to become an ideal student. 

Qualities of an Ideal Student

काकचेष्टा बकोध्यानं श्वाननिद्रा तथैव च |

अल्पाहारी ब्रह्मचारी विद्यार्थी पञ्चलक्षणम् ||

The translation of the quoted text is:

These are the 5 qualities of an ideal student –

(1) The agility of a crow

(2) The concentration of a crane

(3) Light sleep like a dog

(4) Light eater

(5) Readiness to stay away from home for learning

These five qualities make a student an ideal student. Even in today’s world, students can follow these qualities. It will help them a lot in their school life and help them to become an ideal student.

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Frequently Asked Questions on an Ideal Student Essay


What should the main focus of a student be?

A student must be keen on learning new things, grasp everything and concentrate purely on academic/ extracurricular activities taught.


What are the qualities of an ideal student?

Respect, self-discipline, faith, concentration, conviction, and modesty are some of the important traits of a student.


How is an ideal student different from a normal student?

An ideal student always has high ambitions and always works towards them continuously and sincerely.


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