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Student life is the most important phase of human life. It is also said that student life is a golden period. This is the time when students are filled with joy and happiness. As a student, they are free from all the worries of the grown up life. At this stage, their mind is very sharp, and they have the ability to grasp things very fastly. Also, they learn a lot of things from their surroundings. So, at this stage, it is important that every student should get the right direction and guidance. With the help of it, they can become an ideal student and, later on, a responsible citizen of the country. So, here we have provided an essay on the ideal student. Going through it, students will know what an ideal student means and what are the qualities of an ideal student. They can also access the list of CBSE essays to practise more essays on different topics for their English exam.

Ideal Student

An ideal student is one who is obedient, punctual, ambitious, well-disciplined, hardworking and sincere towards his studies. He is the hope of his family, wealth and future of the nation, pride and glory of the school. He respects his teacher and helps his friends in difficult times. He motivates other students and helps them in their studies. He has the desire and craving to learn new things. He is not afraid to do new experiments and keep a scientific look towards life. He realises his mistakes and works on them to improve his performance. Moreover, he is one who keeps himself mentally and physically fit.

Qualities of an Ideal Student

The ancient Indian Sanskrit text has prescribed the five qualities of an ideal student.

काकचेष्टा बकोध्यानं श्वाननिद्रा तथैव च |

अल्पाहारी ब्रह्मचारी विद्यार्थी पञ्चलक्षणम् ||

Kaaka-cheshTaa bako-dhyanam shavana-nidraa tathaiva cha

Alpaahaari brahmachaari vidyaarthee panch-lakshaNam.

The translation of the quoted text is:

Agility of a crow (1), concentration of a crane (2), light sleep like a dog (3), light eater (4), readiness to stay away from home for learning (5) – these are the 5 qualities of an ideal student.

The sholka tells the five essential characteristics of an ideal student. A student should be very agile, alert & energetic like a crow. At the same time, he should have a strong concentration power similar to the crane. As a crane can sit for hours waiting and concentrating on its prey in the similar way, a student should also study for long hours with full concentration. The sleep of a student should be like a dog. He should wake up at the slightest of sounds and become alert, similar to a dog. Also, he should be a light eater. He should not fill his stomach to the brim as it will affect his agility & concentration. Most importantly, an ideal student should have the virtue of brahmachari. He should be ready to stay away from his relatives and family members to gain knowledge. His mind should be free from all types of adulterated thoughts so he can use his mind, body and soul in learning and acquiring knowledge.

These five qualities make a student an ideal student. Even in today’s world, students can follow these qualities. It will help them a lot in their school life and help them to become an ideal student.

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Frequently asked Questions on an ideal student Essay

What should the main focus of a student be?

A student must be keen on learning new things, grasp everything and concentrate purely on academic/ extracurricular activities taught.

What the qualities of an ideal student?

Respect, self discipline, faith, concentration, conviction, modesty are some of the important traits of a student.

How is an ideal student different from a normal student?

An ideal students always has high ambitions and always works towards it continuously and sincerely.

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