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Advertisement is a means to make people aware of any product or service using commercial methods. It is a sort of publicity designed to endorse a person’s specific interest intended for product sale. We live in an era where advertisement plays a vital role in promoting business and products. Whether big or small, all brands and companies advertise their products on various mass media platforms. When we step outside our houses, we get to see advertisements for different brands in the form of a billboard, flyers, posters, etc.

In this essay on advertisements, we will discuss the advantages and different ways of creating ads.

The Various Ways of Advertisement

In this modern world of competition, everybody wants to be ahead. So, in this scenario, the advertisement comes in. We get to see or hear advertisements for several things. It proves beneficial for business people and can be used in various forms. Job vacancy ads posted in the employment column prove highly advantageous for the unemployed. Matrimonial ads also provide a trusted platform for both bride and groom for marriage proposals.

People can advertise their shop or property they want to sell, and anyone who wants to buy it can contact the person after seeing the advertisement. Through advertising, we can also find lost people, plots, goods, homes, etc. Previously, we used to see traditional advertisements in magazines, newspapers, and building walls. But, still, today, the most meaningful way of advertising is through television. Advertising your product or brand on television will help to reach the masses.

There are numerous positive effects of advertisement, and due to this, more businesses utilise this medium for their branding and marketing. Big and small companies spend the maximum of their budget on advertising, creating great ads for a positive impression on people. The best and most influential platform for advertisement is the World Wide Web. People are very active on social media in today’s world, and posting a single ad can reach millions of people easily in just a few seconds. Other forms of advertising are banners, posters, road crossings, flyers, billboards, digital screens, walls and railway stations. Sometimes, you can find them written or painted on trains, vehicles, and buses.

Benefits of Advertising

Advertisement is considered the prime means of generating income for magazines, television, and newspapers. They are beneficial for producers as well as consumers. Producers earn loads of money by spending their resources on advertisements. Models also make a handsome income by acting in ads to promote products and services.

In the technologically advanced business world, advertising has been seen to play a critical role in the establishment of contact between sellers and buyers. It is a medium by which the customer learns about the existence and use of goods available in the marketplace. As there is a lot of competition among businesses in various domains, advertisement has become a profitable investment that helps companies reach nooks and corners of the world and target their potential customers.

Drawbacks of Advertising

As every technology has some good and bad points, the same holds for advertisements. It has its share of disadvantages. An advertisement creates an artificial demand for things that we don’t need. It compels us to purchase expensive items. It has also been seen to generate disagreement within the family when the children make wishes for all those advertised goods that they see on television that are beyond the spending capacity of parents.

Watching your favourite stars promoting alcohol, cigarettes, etc., negatively impacts people who follow them. Another disadvantage of advertisement is that superior quality products that are not advertised lose their worth, and inferior ones enjoy more visibility in the market. This proves a means to cheat the innocent public. Buyers also suffer as the cost of advertisement adds to the entire production cost.

Conclusion of Essay on Advertisement

So, we know that advertisements are essential to launching your brand or product in this competitive market. Creative ads will help you to attract more people. These ads are entertaining as well as educational. Signing a celebrity or known personality will be the icing on the cake to advertise your product.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Advertisement Essay


What are the advantages of an advertisement?

Advertisements are good sources of information for ordinary people. They reach the public sooner and help in the faster marketing of a product. Advertisements also help in the sustenance of the product in the competitive world.


What are some of the traditional ways of advertisement?

Magazines, newspapers, paintings and posters are some of the traditional ways of advertising a product.


Is advertising good or bad for society?

Although advertisements are majorly beneficial for society, advertisements of harmful or illegal products can pose a threat to the younger section of society.


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