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500+ Words Essay on Motivation

Motivation, the word itself, means positive vibes which push an individual to go through tough times. We all are unaware of what drives one to stay motivated. We have different sources, such as our role models, parents, teachers, etc. Everyone should have some infrequent motivation intervals to move forward in their life.

Meaning of Motivation

Motivation provides us with positive energy to achieve our goals and makes us feel optimistic and enthusiastic. It pushes us to perform our work specifically to get results. In our life, it gives us the energy to stay focused on our work. Every individual needs the motivation to achieve their dreams and aspirations. Human beings have numerous things to motivate themselves, such as encouragement from loved ones, friends, etc. Motivation from our parents makes us feel more confident about the path we pursue. It encourages us to believe in ourselves and make us stronger. Sometimes, we fail to achieve success, and at that phase, we require motivation. Once we get motivated, we start fresh with energy and hope.

Motivation comes with constant practice, meaning getting moved or inspired by someone that will help you achieve your goals. Everyone needs motivation, whether in a workplace, school, institution, etc.

Role of Motivation

Motivation comes with the right mindset irrespective of your goal, too big or long term. It helps us to move ahead mentally and physically. To keep ourselves motivated, we require a driving factor or tool and to become successful; we need to push our boundaries. Also, you need to come out of your comfort zone to reveal your true potential.

Types of Motivation

An individual might have various types of motivation, but in my opinion, motivation can be self-motivation and motivation by others.

Self-motivation: Self-motivation means keeping ourselves motivated without the influence of other people and situations. If you are self-motivated, you can complete the given task without guidance and encouragement.

Motivation by Others: People who lack self-motivation need help from others to keep themselves motivated. They need encouragement from others to maintain their state of motivation. These people also need to listen to motivational speeches for inspiration.

Sources of Motivation

The source of motivation can be anyone, either your school teachers or your parents, depending upon the situation.

From People: When it comes to our motivation, our mothers play an imperative role. Mothers selflessly motivate their children in every stage of life. According to research, it is found that when we communicate with our mothers, our brain releases oxytocin in a reasonable amount. It makes us feel good and motivated. Also, some people are well-known about our goal clearly, so they encourage us.

Famous Personalities: We also get inspiration from our favourite personalities like social workers, writers, political leaders, film stars, presidents, cricketers, etc. We want to become like the person we follow, which indirectly becomes our motivation.

Animals: Animals also motivate us, like dogs, which always make us happy. We can also take the example of an ant who keeps on falling but never gives up, so it teaches us that we should not feel unmotivated by our failure. Similarly, if we look at our surroundings, many animals motivate us.

Nature: The season is the best example when we talk about nature. The season keeps on changing, but we might not like every season, but still, we survive and understand its significance. Rivers also inspires and teaches us to face every problem of our life.

Books: They are one of the best sources of motivation. Many books have beautiful experiences shared with some captivating stories. Books are our best friends and the best motivators.

Conclusion of Motivation Essay

It is not only you who may feel low or sad. People meet different people and get motivated, like an energy drink. Always have your inspiration with you because it will help you achieve your goals. It is good to be optimistic because it helps us achieve our goals and adds peace to our lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Motivation Essay


How important is self-motivation?

In today’s competitive world, motivating oneself constantly is necessary to move forward in life and career.


Do teachers play an important role in the ‘motivation factor’ of students?

Students spend maximum time in school, and thus, teachers are solely responsible (after parents) in motivating children towards the right goal.


How do students develop motivation?

Students can keep themselves motivated by setting realistic goals, making note of their progress, following timelines and rewarding themselves for their achievements.


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