How to Answer Maths Question Neatly in Exams


For some, maths is a mind-boggling subject and for some it’s fun. Just practising math problem is not enough to perform well in Maths exam. You need to do some extra hard work. Plate your questions neatly and clearly so that you can grab some extra marks in your pocket. Examiners need to check thousands of answer sheets and for this, they want nice answer sheets to perform their checking quickly if they do not understand your handwriting or answers they will not give you marks. So, it’s better to answer all the question in a proper manner.

Tips to answer math questions neatly in exams

Read through the complete question paper

By reading complete question paper, you will come to know what all is expected from you and what all questions needs to be prioritize first. Pace yourself according to the given questions.

Read the Instructions carefully

It is important to read all the instructions carefully as often students made the mistake or misinterpret the question. Though they know how to solve a problem just because of misinterpretation, they lose the marks.

Write each step of the solution

It is better to solve the question step by step. Don’t skip any step, start it from beginning as it will help you in getting marks for those steps which are right even if your answer is wrong.  Use a separate line for each step. If anyhow you need to rewrite the answer, make sure to rewrite it correctly .

Write your answers neatly

Be neat and write all the numbers properly. Neatness makes easier to recheck your solutions.Try to keep a check on your solutions, put your answers in circle or boxes. If you get stuck on some tricky question, don’t waste too much time. Move on and come back to it later. Re-check check your answers before submitting your answer sheets.

If you are left with some time, redo the questions on a separate piece of paper to see if you come up with the same answers or not. Look for careless mistakes such as putting the decimal in the right place, a need for the negative sign, and proper calculation of arithmetic.

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