Essay on Noise Pollution

500+ Words Essay on Noise Pollution

Noise is one of the most undesirable byproducts of modern mechanised lifestyle. Noise is undesirable and unwanted sound that is produced by man-made sources such as construction sites, industries, transport vehicles, etc. It affects human health and well-being and also contributes to the deterioration of the environment quality. It can affect people at home, in the community, or at the workplace. This essay on noise pollution will help students to get well versed in the definition of noise pollution and its harmful effects, and understand how it is generated and how it can be controlled. They can check out some more sample essays by visiting the CBSE Essays page at BYJU’S. Here, we have compiled essays on different topics to help students in improving their writing skills.

What is Noise Pollution?

Noise pollution is unpleasant noise created by people or machines that can be annoying, distracting and painful. Noise pollution is caused by road traffic, construction equipment, jet planes, heavy machines and trucks, manufacturing processes, etc. The main causes of noise pollution are the increasing number of vehicles, loud musical instruments, industries, urbanisation, and population explosion. But, the undisciplined lifestyle of the people is more responsible for the increase in noise pollution.

Sources of Noise Pollution

The different sources of noise pollution are:

Industrialization: Most of the manufacturing industries use heavy machines which produce a high level of noise. Various equipment used in industries like generators, compressors, grinding mills, exhaust fans etc also contribute to noise pollution.

Transportation: Large number of vehicles on roads, trains and aeroplanes produce high levels of noise. The high noise leads to hearing disability in people with normal hearing.

Social Events: In various social events whether they are parties, marriages, disco or pubs, the sound level is at its peak. Even in the place of worship noise is at a high level. People defy the local administration rules and create nuisance in the area. People play songs on full volume and dance till midnight which disturb the people living nearby.

Miscellaneous Sources: The automobile repair shops, markets, schools, colleges, railway stations, bus stands etc. are other sources of noise pollution.

Effects of Noise Pollution

Noise pollution can cause hearing loss. In many industries, workers work in noisy workshops and machinery such as jet aircraft. These workers soon develop hearing defects. Noisy conditions near residential areas affect the sleeping pattern of people. They could not sleep at night because of the high noise level. It can create stress-related illnesses, sleep disruption, and even high blood pressure. Noise levels in industries cause interference in efficiency and communication and raises possibilities of accidents. Thus, it makes people mentally ill.

The noise emissions caused by railway, supersonic aircraft, noise generating vehicles etc not only harm the humans but also affect the animals. It leads to miscarriage in fishes and mammals. Even the birds are observed to have stopped laying eggs. Thus, animals and other living things get disturbed by noise pollution and it directly impacts the ecological balance.

Steps to Control Noise Pollution

Suitable control measures need to be adopted urgently in the areas where noise pollution is high before it is too late. Noise abatement measures like ban on pressure horns of vehicles, installation of noise barriers around hospitals and schools should be implemented. Some steps that we, as responsible citizens, can take are planting of trees and vegetation, and use of earth berms. Another effective measure would be noise monitoring and control of loudspeakers at parties, weddings and functions.

The government has also taken various steps to control noise pollution. It has implemented laws and restrictions regarding noise pollution. Some of them are legislations for limiting noise levels of vehicles, planning of roadways for new projects, timing traffic lights and restricted entry of heavy vehicles in residential areas etc.

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