Importance of Games and Sports Essay

500+ Words Essay on the Importance of Games and Sports

Through the ages, the sport has been known to affect various cultures, traditions, and values in our society. Many people have favourite games, sports, teams, stars, or events, such as the Olympic Games or World Championships. Many people dedicate much time to learning more about their favourite games and sports. They attend sports events in support of their favourite athletes and teams. Many children have aspirations of becoming like their favourite players, yet very few actually get the opportunity to play against or alongside their childhood idols. Sport receives an inordinate amount of media attention and has attracted the interest of people, especially when it comes to Olympics, Commonwealth and Asian Games. In this importance of sports and games essay, students will get to know the benefits of playing different sports and games. By going through sports and games essays, students get enough information so they can write essays in their own words.

Games and Sports

The words games and sports are mostly used together. But both of them are different. A game is an activity involving more players, defined by a goal that the players try to reach and some set of rules to play it. A person who participates in a game is known as a player. By masses, games are played primarily for entertainment or enjoyment. The difference of purpose differentiates sport from the game, combined with the notion of individual or team skill.

A sport is a physical activity carried out under an agreed set of rules, for competition or self-enjoyment or a combination of these. Sports are the kind of activities in which a similar kind of body movement is repeated over a long time. For example, swimming and running. The sport involves an activity or activities where the mental capabilities of the sportsperson are judged. In a sport, it is the sportsperson or the individual who determines the outcome. A person participating in a sport is called an athlete or a sportsperson.

Advantages of Games and Sports

Most people play a sport as a hobby or for the love of the game. They are immensely pleased with the advantages of the sport. Playing games and sports improves health and fitness, provides mental peace and calmness and makes them more active. Sporting activities and games give everyone an opportunity to achieve the personal benefits of sport involvement. These activities aim at the optimum physical, mental and social development of an individual.

Games and sports in some form or other have been a part of human life either for survival or for pleasure. Gradually human beings started organising events, including games and sports, as community events. Consequently, the need was felt to acquire specific skills and advancement in many sports. Each sport has its specific skills which need to be developed for playing correctly. Rules and regulations of the sports are revised from time to time by their federations.

Games and sports are essential to enjoy overall health and well-being. Sports and games offer numerous advantages and are thus highly recommended for everyone, irrespective of their age. Playing games and sports maintains the human figure and provides strength, patience and endurance. All doctors recommend exercising as a preventive measure for all types of diseases. One of the best workouts for the body is daily exercise or playing any type of outdoor game or sport. People active in sports have better health than those who do not participate in sports as they are physically and mentally prepared for new challenges in their life.

With the help of this sports and games essay, students must have understood the importance of games and sports in our life. They can also practise more essays on various topics to improve their writing section.

Frequently asked Questions on Sports Essay


How can we promote various sports among students?

Schools should introduce different sports and encourage students to actively participate in all of them.


What is the national game of India?

Hockey is the national game of India.


Why are sports important for elderly people also?

Reduced risk of several diseases, and stronger joints and muscles are some of the reasons why elderly people should also play sports.


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