Student and Social Service Essay

500+ Words Student and Social Service Essay

Schools provide a formative experience for children. The images of crayons, brightly painted halls, and bulletin boards can create joy in a child. The competencies of students can be used in social service such as educating the street children or making people aware about issues like pollution, environmental problems and various diseases. With the help of this student and social service essay, students learn how they can contribute to social service and what are its benefits. Moreover, they must also check out the list of CBSE Essays which contains essays on different topics. Going through them will help in improving their essay writing skills.

How Students Can Contribute to Social Service

Students have some responsibilities towards society and the nation. They must contribute towards that in every way they can. Social service is one way for students to contribute to their society. Being humans, it is our responsibility to help each other in need.

Students can contribute to social service either in groups, organisations or as an individual. To serve in a group, students can join any of the social service organisations like National Service Scheme (NSS), or NGOs that work in the social service sector. These groups organise various kinds of social work. Students can join them as a volunteer at their schools, colleges and universities. Many organisations also provide certificates which give much value and pride to a student.

Students can also do social service on their own and contribute to the society as an individual. They can educate the people and society about the alarming situations which are creating hurdles for human life. Some of these issues are environmental pollution, poverty, deforestation, increasing air pollution in cities, lack of access to education, water scarcity, the covid pandemic and many more. They can do these things by organising rallies, hosting webinars & seminars, organising roadshows, etc.

Students can also make their own volunteer groups with the help of friends. Then, they can also arrange Christmas celebrations in orphanages, visit old age homes and such places to help these people. They can also share some clothes and food to the street children and beggars.

Making these people happy, and being the reason behind their smiles will give a positive energy to students.

Students can provide self defence workshops for women and children. They can run awareness campaigns, depression and stress relief sessions, provide food to the people in the COVID situation, etc.

Benefits of Social Service in Students’ Life

Engaging themselves in social service keeps students on the right path in a critical period of their lives. It develops love and sympathy towards the needy. In the future, if students want, they can also build their career in this field. Many of the job providers give preference to those who have a volunteer certificate. Through social service, students get the opportunity to know the problems faced by the poor and needy people. This may develop a zeal to solve such problems and thus it develops the ability of problem solving and leadership skills. This quality will help them to become entrepreneurs of tomorrow. By doing social service, students will also earn the good will of the poor and the needy, and learn to think more inclusively in the future – something that would be very vital in their character formation.

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