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All of us love our country and have a strong attachment to this ancient land of ours. We want to see a prosperous and happy India. Each one of us has a dream of how India should develop and progress. Just as Jawaharlal Nehru, our first Prime Minister had said at the time of independence that he had to solve 300 million problems (the population of India at that time); similarly, each one of us may have thought about the “India of my dreams”. The Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi also expressed his thoughts on this topic. Now, their thoughts are published in the form of a book named “India of my Dreams”. Here, we have provided an Essay on India of My Dreams which is a sample essay. Students can take ideas from this essay and then write an Essay on India of their dreams by putting their own thoughts into words.

India of My Dreams

The India of my dreams will be a place full of peace and harmony. People will be filled with compassion, happiness and enthusiasm. I see an India where each individual will have a strong value system, where all human beings are equal. Everyone will have his or her role in the governance of the country directly as well as indirectly. I dream of an India which has people who are self-contained, self-reliant communities with truthful and transparent lives with good health, education and lives.


I dream of India as a country where everyone has access to education. There are children who belong to poor families and cannot afford education because of the costs of education. For such children, education should be provided freely. Moreover, education should be provided irrespective of gender discrimination. The girl child should be given equal opportunities similar to the boy child.

Women Empowerment

The India of my dreams includes women who are respected everywhere. They have power and rights equal to men. They are treated as an extremely important member of the family where they can take decisions and have financial independence. They must get a safe environment where they don’t have to worry about crimes such as rape, physical assault, kidnapping, acid attack, domestic violence, dowry system, sexual harassment at the workplace, etc. They must feel safe and protected so that they can utilise their full potential and energy in the right direction. This would enable them to showcase their talent and thus contribute to the development of the nation.

Corruption-Free India

Corruption is the biggest hurdle in the path of the development of our country. If our government and political system become corruption-free, then our country will develop fast. The bribery system will come to an end and all bureaucrats will function with integrity and accountability. Every government servant will take responsibility for their work. So, the India of my dream will be corruption free.

Employment Opportunities

Creating employment opportunities for youth is one of the key factors that contribute to the development of a nation. India which I dream of should have enormous opportunities for youth so they can be easily employed. There should be jobs in every sector so that one can work in the area of his/her interest. In this way, India will reach great heights.

Clean, Green and Pollution-Free Environment

The India of my dreams will be clean, green and healthy for everyone. People will enjoy the greenery, fresh air and pollution-free environment. The highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene will be maintained in the India of my dreams. Citizens will actively participate in making India clean so everyone gets a healthy environment.

This is my India — a great country, a land of peace, prosperity and truthfulness where no one is afraid of speaking the truth and where there is no corruption. It will be a country where women are respected and people from all religions coexist and where every citizen is proud to be an Indian. It will be a country free from violence, terrorism, hunger and suffering.

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Frequently Asked Questions on India


Who is known as the ‘Father of Nation’ in India.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi is known as the ‘Father of the Nation’. Gandhiji played a key role in gaining India’s independence from British rule in 1947 by peaceful means and spreading the message of non-violence.


What is the capital of India?

New Delhi is the national capital of India. It is situated in the north-central part of the country on the west bank of the Yamuna River.


Describe the Indian National Flag.

The Indian National Flag is a horizontal tricolour. It contains saffron colour (kesaria) at the top, white in the middle and green at the bottom in equal proportion. In the centre of the white band is a navy-blue wheel which represents the chakra. The top saffron colour indicates the strength and courage of the country. The white middle band indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The green shows the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the land.

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