MSBSHSE Solutions For SSC (Class 10) Science Part 2 Chapter 5-Towards Green Energy

MSBSHSE Solutions For SSC (Class 10) Science Part 2 Chapter 5 Towards Green Energy is the best study material for the students to practice for the exam. These solutions are designed to help them be most proficient and score well in their board exams. Maharashtra Board Solutions for Class 10 are created by our subject experts after research and it facilitates a thorough comprehension of the concepts from the chapter.

Chapter 5 from Part 2 Class 10 Science discusses the concepts related to the topic Towards Green Energy. These solutions provide detailed step-by-step solutions to the questions that are created based on the chapter. The topics covered in the chapter are Use of various energy sources, Generation of electrical energy, Process of generation of electricity and environment and so on.

These solutions of MSBSHSE for Class 10 (SSC) have proper explanations of the important exercises that are given in the Maharashtra Board Science Textbooks for SSC Part 2. The Maharashtra State Board Solutions for Chapter 10 Science Part 2 is good for the students to use as a reference material.

Maharashtra Board SSC (Class 10) Science Part 2 Chapter 5- BYJU’S Important Questions & Answers

1. Explain the difference between Conventional and Non-conventional Sources of energy.

Answer: The two major sources of energy can be classified under Conventional Sources and Non-Conventional Sources. Now, find the difference between conventional and non-conventional sources of energy from here.

2. What is meant by green energy? Which energy sources can be called green energy sources and why? Give examples.

Answer: Electricity can be generated from sources such as water reservoir, wind, sunlight, biofuels and so on. The energy sources used in these are perpetual and never ending. These do not cause any environmental issues and so can be considered to be environment friendly. Meanwhile, the energy produced by these processes is known as green energy. Owing to the issue coming up because of electricity generation using fuels such as coal, natural gas and nuclear fuels, the world is now heading towards more environmentally friendly or green energy sources.

3. Why is it absolutely necessary to control the fission reaction in nuclear power plants?

Answer: A reaction that splits the nucleus of an atom into smaller parts, releasing a massive amount of energy is known as fission reaction. While an uncontrolled fission reaction is used in nuclear bombs, a controlled fission reaction can be used for generating electricity, to operate a ship and so on. Fission generates 2, 3 or more free neutrons, which are capable of inducing further fission and so on, thus resulting in a chain reaction. This can be initially controlled, leading to further fission, generation of neurons and continuous increase in the amount of energy liberated.

4. What is a turbine?

Answer: Magnet in the generator is rotated using the turbine with blades. On pouring a flow of liquid or gas on the blades of the turbine, it rotates, due to the kinetic energy of the flow. The turbine is connected to an electric generator. Hence, the magnet in the electric generator begins to rotate, thus producing electric energy.

5. Give a flow chart showing generation of electrical energy.

Answer: MSBSHSE Class 10 Science Part 2 Chapter 5 Question 5 Solution

6. Thermal power generation is a major way of electricity generation though it suffers from certain problems. What are they?

Answer: Given below are some problems caused by thermal power generation:

1. Burning of coal results in air pollution due to emission of gases such as carbon dioxide, sulphur oxide and nitrogen oxide, all of which are harmful for health.

2. While the coal burns, apart from the gases emitted, soot particles are also released into the environment, thus causing serious health issues related to the respiratory system.

3. Meanwhile, the reserves, that is coal used in this method are limited. Hence, in future there is likely to be limitations on the availability of coal

7. What are the problems associated with nuclear power generation?

Answer: The problems associated with power generation are as follows:

1. The products released after fission of nuclear fuel are also radioactive and emit harmful radiations. They are nuclear waste and how to dispose of nuclear waste is a challenge for scientists.

2. If an accident occurs in a nuclear power plant, it can be very fatal, as this is caused by release of very harmful radiations.

8. What are the advantages of hydroelectric power generation?

Ans: The advantages of hydroelectric power generation are as follows:

1. Since no fuel is burnt in hydroelectric power generation, there is no pollution caused by the combustion of fuels

2. If sufficient water is stored in the dam, it is possible to generate electricity as and when necessary.

3. Even if a water reservoir is used for power generation, it can be replenished during the rainy season leading to uninterrupted power generation.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Maharashtra Board Solutions for Class 10 Science Part 2 Chapter 5 Towards Green Energy

 Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part 2 Solutions Chapter 5: Are these useful for exams?

Yes, these solutions are very helpful. It is recommended for the students to practise these solutions, following their revision of the subjects. These solutions also form the basis for the questions that could be asked often in the board exams. These questions based on the latest syllabus is created by qualified subject teachers and covers the main topics. Students also discover various solved questions and exercises that will aid them to prepare well for board exams.

Are these Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part 2 Solutions Chapter 5 downloadable?

Yes, students can now easily download these Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part 2 Solutions Chapter 5 from the link given in this article. Meanwhile, we have also provided the solutions as a scrollable PDF, and we have mentioned the clickable link for the students to access. These questions and the solutions are made available online on our webpage, as well.

How to make the most of these Maharashtra Board Class 10 Science Part 2 Solutions Chapter 5?

Students are advised to solve the questions and then refer back to the solutions to identify the mistakes, rectify them early on to avoid making any for the exams. Solutions are also the best possible tool to gauge their performance and exam preparations, as well.

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