IAS Strategy Articles Part 4

10 International Access Agreements Signed on TKDL Till Date 1st Session of the Indian National Congress (INC)
4 Simple Tricks to Remember Everything You Learn What is the WHO Report on Smoking in India?
5 Habits to avoid during the UPSC Prelims A Brief History Of Early Medieval India (800 -1200 AD)
Conservation of Heritage Sites – India Aadhaar and the Right to Privacy
Act East Policy of India, Launched in 2014 – A Comprehensive Overview Act Now To Improve Delhi Air Quality: CPCB
When was the Adurru Buddhist Site Excavated? What is Aerobic Rice Cultivation?
Affordable Healthcare – RSTV: In Depth Air Pollutants
Alauddin Khilji – Victories [History Notes for UPSC] What are the Main Problems Faced by the Vendors?
AMRUT Scheme [UPSC Notes GS-II] 10th Schedule – Anti-Defection & Role Of Speaker (UPSC Indian Polity Notes)
Anti Tank Missiles [UPSC Science & Tech] Antimicrobial Resistance – Definition, Causes & Types
‘Anubhav’ – Showcasing Outstanding Work Done During Service What is Exemption from Visa Requirements for holders of Diplomatic and Official Passport?
The Arbitration and Conciliation (Amendment) Bill, 2015 IAS Preparation – Art and Culture: Temple Architecture Styles
Article 356 – President’s Rule: Indian Polity Notes Arunachal Crisis: How Courts and Constitution have Defined Role of Governor
Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) – UPSC Notes
Cleanest Village in Asia: Notes for UPSC Exam Biodiversity and Whale Beaching
Black Money [UPSC Notes for Indian Economy] Blue Revolution – Neel Kranti Mission [UPSC Notes GS-III]
What is Immunization Drive in India? Brief Summary on Seismology
Can A Meteorite Kill You? Capital Markets: Notes for UPSC
What is the Recent Study of National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (NIBMG) on Caste and Genes? Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) – UPSC Notes
How Many Types of Roads are there in India? CERT-in Signs Cyber Security Pacts With 3 Nations
What happens during Stem Cell Transplant? China, Taiwan Hold Historic Talks
The Sri Lankan Civil War: Notes for UPSC Exam Climate Change In India [UPSC Notes GS III]
Communalism – Definition, Types, Dimensions & Indian Perspective [UPSC GS-I & Essay Notes] Components of Redressal Mechanism – Indian Polity Notes
Compulsory Licensing Manufacturing may Slow Investments EU National Green Tribunal (NGT)-UPSC Notes on Indian Polity
Consumer Loans See Highest Incidence Fraud Report Coral Reefs – Classification & Bleaching
Daily News Analysis For UPSC Then Death of Innocent India : Child Labour
When did Japan join Malabar Exercise? Depp Wins Maltin Master Award
Devadasi System Din In Goa As Law Is Changed To Permit Coconut Tree Felling
DIPP Notifies Automatic FDI Route For White Label ATMs Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) earlier known as DIPP
Directive Principles of State Policy (DPSP) – Indian Polity Notes Doctors Who Take Gifts From Pharma Firms To Be Punished
Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) 2016 – New Report to be out in 2020 Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
Droughts: Notes for UPSC Geograpahy Earthquake : A Man Made Disaster
Ease of Doing Business Report by World Bank – Related Issues in News UPSC Notes: Ebola Pandemic
Education Agenda for New India: RSTV – The Big Picture Education Revolution: Government Move To Allow Foreign Universities A Good Idea, Free Indian Universities Too
Egypt ‘ s President Swears In New Government El Nino – An Overview
Election Commission of India – Know Article 324 for UPSC Election of Government : Methods
UPSC Eligibility Criteria EPFO – Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation
End Gm Mustard Trials: Farmers ‘ Group Enemy Property: Notes for UPSC GS-II
European Union – An Introduction Expert Committee Setup To Review Specific Relief Act, 1963
Exports From States: Bihar Up To 17th But Top Of List In Rate Of Growth Eye On Safety, Govt Defers Gm Mustard Decision
Fast-Track Wing Activated To Boost Trade Fat Hormone Pushes You To Run That Extra Mile
Financial Inclusion – National Strategy for Financial Inclusion [UPSC GS-III] Food Security of India – Food Subsidy Delivery Challenges & Solutions
Foreign role in probes is not new to Sri Lanka Future Group Ties Up With Baba Ramdev ‘ s Patanjali Ayurved
Gandhara School of Art Gap Widening Between Rural And Urban India
Gender Bias Starts Early: When Ill, More Infant Boys Get Special Care Gender Inequality In India
General Atlantic Picks Up 21.6% Stake In IIFLW What is Genome in Simple Definition?
List Of Geographical Indications [GI Tags] In India Geography Notes For UPSC – Physical Geography Notes For IAS Preparation
Greenhouse Gas Gist of EPW: Dec 2015 – Jan 2016 (Volumes 50 & 51)
Gold Monetisation Scheme [UPSC Notes GS-III] What are the 3 Types of GST?
Which Schemes were Introduced by the Government for the Benefit of Farmers? Govt. To Implement BS-VI Norms By 2020
Govt. To Notify Euro V & VI Norms Soon Green India Mission (GIM) – National Mission for a Green India
High Yield Crops [UPSC Notes GS-III] Comparison Between Himalayan and Peninsular Rivers
UPSC Mains History Question Paper How To Read Newspaper For UPSC IAS Exam
IAS Interview 2020 – UPSC Interview Process, IAS Interview Questions & Strategy IAS Preparation – Ancient Indian History: Mauryan Empire
IAS Preparation – CSAT: Introduction to Decision Making IAS Preparation – Economy: National Income and its Accounting
Economic Planning in India – List Of Five Year Plans In India, History & Objectives Left Wing Extremism: UPSC Internal Security Notes
IAS Preparation – International Relations: BRICS Preparation Strategy for Indian Polity
Fundamental Rights and Duties -IAS Preparation IAS Preparation – Polity: Introduction
International Monetary Fund (IMF) – Organizational Structure, Objectives (UPSC Notes) Impact of British Rule – UPSC Modern Indian History Notes
Union Budget – Important Economic Terms Important Points- Establishment of Indian National Congress
Important Points about Atmosphere Important Points on Home Rule League Movement for Civil Services
Important Points on Surat Split for Civil Services Exam Important Topics on Indian Heritage and Culture for Civil Services
India and Migration – Facts for UPSC Prelims and Mains GS-II & Essay India-China Relations: Notes for UPSC
India To Hold G20 Chair in 2018, Delhi May Play Host India and the WTO – An Overview of Latest Developments
India- Nepal Relations: Notes for UPSC India-United States Relations – UPSC International Relations Notes
Companies Act 2013 – Indian Companies Act Definition, Companies Act 1956 [UPSC GS-II] Indian Judiciary – Indian Polity Notes
Indus Valley Settlement Razed Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code (IBC) – Definition, IBC Bill 2016 [UPSC Notes GS III]
Integration of Princely States – Facts for UPSC Modern History Integration of Princely States: Background and INC ‘ s stand
Interlinking of Rivers – UPSC Notes IUCN Red List
JAM Trinity Juvenile Justice Act – UPSC Polity Notes
What is the India-Afghanistan Relation? Khalji Dynasty
Land Revenue Systems Under the British Rule Line of Credit
Missiles Of India – List Of Types Of Missiles In India Lokpal & Lokayuktas: RSTV – The Big Picture
Lord Curzon: Important Insights for Civil Services Constitution of India – 13 Major Features
The Major Indian River Systems Major Stock Exchanges
String of Pearls Strategy of China – And Counter Strategy by India Marine Mineral Resources: UPSC Geography
Mekong-Ganga Cooperation (MGC) – UPSC Notes Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)
Mission Indradhanush for PSBs – Revamping Public Sector Banks Do Indian Nationals Need a Visa for Jordan?
What is the National Family Health Survey (NFHS)? National Integration: Idea of India and Role of INC
National Integration: Role of Constitution and Institutions National Integration in India – Common Identity of Citizens
National Pension Scheme National Solar Mission – An Overview
NCERT Notes: Continental Drift [Geography Notes For UPSC] NCERT Notes: Earthquake – Body Waves, Causes & Types [Geography Notes For UPSC]
UPSC Notes: Geography- Loss of biodiversity Net Neutrality – Key Facts for UPSC GS-III
NDC To Be Scrapped, NITI Aayog Council Likely To Get Its Powers Noise Pollution- Causes & Effects [UPSC Notes]
OECD – UPSC Notes Opening of AIIB part of global financial revamp
Paris Agreement (COP 21) – Everything You Need to Know Payment Banks- History & Regulations (UPSC Notes)
Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY) – Indian Polity
What are the Effects of Positive Emotions? What were the Major Factors Responsible for Tribal Revolts in India?
Post Independent India: Examining Tribal Issues Is India a Signatory of the UN Refugee Convention?
Post Independent India: Issue of Refugees Land Reforms in Post Independent India: UPSC Mains GS 1 Notes
Post Independent India: Land Reform Movements Zamindari System – UPSC Modern History Notes
Election Commission of India – Powers Topic of the Day – Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY)
Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) – UPSC Notes
How to Prepare for UPSC at Home Pressure Belts of the Earth
Prime Minister & Council of Ministers – Power & Function of Prime Minister Events Under Lord Minto: Revision Notes for UPSC Indian History
Quick Revision Points : Factors Contributing to Rise in Extremism Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Act, 2016
Revision Points For Civil Services – Swadeshi Movement Revision Points: Lord Canning
Revision Points- Moderates, Extremists, Passive and Active Resistance Quick Notes on Revolt of 1857: Immediate Factor
Revolt of 1857: Military Factors Quick Notes on Revolt of 1857: Observations by Historians
Quick Notes on Revolt of 1857: Political and Economic Factors Quick Notes on Revolt of 1857: Social Causes
Rotation and Its Impact What is RSS Ideology?
What is HAL? Scheduled Castes & Scheduled Tribes (Prevention Of Atrocities) Amendment Act 2018
What is the Status of PACL Case? Section 377 of IPC – UPSC Polity Notes
Self Help Groups (SHG) – Definition, Origin, Functions, Need [UPSC GS-II] Significance of the Boston Tea Party for UPSC Exam
E-Governance and its Significance RBI Grants Licensing for Small Finance Banks: Notes for UPSC Current Affairs
Smart Cities Mission: Notes for the UPSC Exam Snapshot on Causes of American Revolution for Mains
Social Media And Its Impact On Society [UPSC Notes for GS I] Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme [UPSC Notes GS-II]
Special Economic Zone (SEZ) – UPSC Notes Stages of Communalism – UPSC GS-I & Essay Notes
Startup India [UPSC Notes GS-III] Sufism in India: Notes for IAS Exam
Tax Policy Council & Tax Policy Research Unit: Notes for UPSC Telangana Becomes First State To Make Gender Education Compulsory
Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) The Case Against Death Penalty
How Does One Get Diplomatic Immunity? What Caused the Refugee Crisis in Europe?
What is Syrian Refugee Crisis? Thermal Power Plants In India
5 Habits to avoid for UPSC Exam Preparation Second Indo-Pak War Begins – [August 5,1965] This Day in History
Bangladesh Liberation War (Proclamation of Free Bangladesh) – [March 26, 1971] This Day in History Tides and their Energy
What is the Tide? [UPSC Geography Notes] Top 5 Must-Scoring GS Topics for Prelims
Trade Facilitation Agreement Tsumani
Tuberculosis (TB) & National Strategic Plan for TB Elimination UDAY Scheme – Centrally Sponsored Scheme
UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India UPSC 2020
UPSC Calendar 2020 Civil Services Exam Question Papers – 2015
What is the Maximum Age to Give the IAS Exam? UPSC Exam: RSTV – India ‘ s World: India-Nepal Ties: Breaking Barriers
UPSC Mains General Studies Paper 1 Syllabus, Strategy & Structure UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-II Strategy, Syllabus & Structure
UPSC Mains General Studies Paper-III Strategy, Syllabus & Structure UPSC Mains 2020 – Civil Services (Main) Examination
UPSC Notes PDF – IAS Prelims & Mains 2020 UPSC Notification 2020 Released
UPSC 2020 Online Registration: General Guidance on How to Apply Avail Scholarships For Your UPSC Preparations !
UPSC Results 2020 What Sanctions has the US put on Iran?
Volcanism: Geography notes for UPSC What is Volcano Explain?
Water Scarcity – Water Stress in India & Prevention of Water Scarcity [UPSC Notes] Weaknesses in Zamindari Abolition
Western and Eastern Ghats of India – UPSC GS-I Notes What are The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)?
What Is Bitcoin? The Debate Rages On Why One Should Take IAS Exam?
Wind System World ‘ s First Slum Museum In Dharavi
Which Country will Host the Next WTO Ministerial Conference? Zika Virus: UPSC Notes for UPSC Science and Technology

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