Difference Between Reflection and Refraction

There is a unique difference between Reflection and Refraction and it is important to analyze both these terms and understand the definitions of both these terms. Reflection is simply the property of a light that rebounds after hitting a surface. When the light that passes through a surface undergoes some changes in the appearance, whenever it usually passes through a medium, this phenomenon is usually referred to as Refraction. The two different types of lights that are typically involved in this are incident ray and the reflected ray. Light energy is incredible and has many uses to it.

Difference between Reflection and Refraction

There is usually a misunderstanding that occurs when anybody hears the terms Reflection and Refraction. During Refraction, the incident ray enters the medium and the refracted ray is the ray that leaves out of the medium. Usually, there is a particular angle at which the light enters the medium through which it needs to disperse and refract off of. Thus, this is the key difference between Reflection and Refraction.

Difference between Reflection and Refraction
Reflection Refraction
This phenomenon usually occurs in mirrors. This phenomenon usually occurs in Lenses.
Reflection can simply be defined as the reflection of light when it strikes the medium on a plane. Refraction can be defined as the process of the shift of light when it passes through a medium leading to the bending of light.
The light entering the medium returns to the same direction. The light entering the medium travels from one medium to another.
Considering the light waves, they bounce from the plane and change direction. The light waves pass through the surface while simultaneously change from medium to medium.
The angle of incidence of the light is equal to the angle of reflection. The angle of incidence is not equal to the angle of reflection.

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