Wavelength of Light

Have you ever thought about the reason how humans are capable of seeing colours? The reason is, colours are nothing but electromagnetic radiations with a different wavelength of light. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the visible region is otherwise called visible light.

Wavelength of Light

What is Visible Spectrum?

Visible spectrum is nothing but the observable region of the electromagnetic wave which is visible to human eyes. In the electromagnetic spectrum, the visible spectrum ranges from the infrared region to the UV region. We can detect the range of light spectrum from about 400 nanometers (violet) to about 700 nanometers (red) and after this range, the human eye is unable to see the rest of the electromagnetic waves.

We can see these waves as the colours of the rainbow where each colour includes a different wavelength.

How is the Wavelength of Light Calculated?

As light has the properties of a wave and a particle, it can be expressed in two equations:

\(\nu =\lambda f\)………………..(1)

\(E =hf\)…………….(2)


\(\nu\) is the velocity of the light.

\(\lambda\) is the wavelength of the light.

\(f\) is the frequency of the light.

\(E\) is the energy of the light wave.

\(h\) is the Planck’s Constant i.e. \(6.64\times 10^{-34}joule\cdot second\)

Here, the first equation denotes to the wave nature of the light and the second equation denotes to particle nature of the light.

Wavelength of Visible Light

  • Wavelength of the Visible Light ranges between 400 nm to 700 nm and here we come to know the wavelength of various colours of the visible spectrum of light.
  • The spectrum of visible light has about numerous different colours having different wavelengths.
  • The violet colour is said to have the shortest form of wavelength whereas red colour is said to have the longest wavelength.
  • It can also be noticed in the below-given figure.

Wavelength of Visible Light

The wavelength for various colours of the visible spectrum of light is provided in the table underneath.

380-450 nm
668-789 THz
450-495 nm
606-668 THz
495-570 nm
526-606 THz
570-590 nm
508-526 THz
590-620 nm
484-508 THz
620-750 nm
400-484 THz

Numericals on Wavelength of Light:

Q.1. Calculate the wavelength of visible light whose frequency is \(6.24\times 10^{14}Hz\).

Ans: Given, Frequency of light = \(6.24\times 10^{14}Hz\)

We know, velocity of light = \(3\times 10^{8}m/sec\)

As per the formula of wavelength of light,

\(\lambda =\frac{\nu }{f}\\ \\ \Rightarrow \lambda =\frac{3\times 10^{8}}10{6.24\times 10^{14}}\\ \\ \Rightarrow \lambda = 4.80\times 10^{-7}\)

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