Difference between Violet and Purple

Understanding the difference between Violet and Purple is the first step in understanding the true range of the color spectrum. Violet and Purple are two different colors that are taught to kids since the very beginning. However, there are a few key differences that one must know about these colors as they can help one identify the difference in colors between one and the other.

Difference between Violet and Purple

The key difference in understanding these two colors is that Violet, is an actual color that is noticeable in nature due to its presence in the electromagnetic spectrum. The range of the color violet has a wavelength that ranges from 380 nm to 450 nm. Purple is an unnatural mixture of red and blue that leads to its creation. Violet on the can be produced with the help of a prism, when a white light passes through it causing it to split into colors. Understanding dispersion in a glass prism can be beneficial in understanding the differences between the two colors.

Difference between Violet and Purple



Violet is a spectral color occurring in our visible spectrum.

Purple is not a spectral color.

It is a natural color that is observable in nature.

It is a man made color made by the combination of 2 colors.

Violet was understood as a fundamental color in Newton’s color wheel

Purple was not accepted by Newton in his color wheel

Violet contains a single shade.

Purple has numerous shades to it

Violent is not as distinct as Purple.

Purple has a very bold and distinct color.

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