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Byju’s Learning App is really a very good app which I love most in regard of studying. This App helps me a lot in studying my favorite subjects i.e. maths and science. I watch videos on the app, they explain things so well, that one can easily understand any concept. Their service is also very good. I am very happy with this app as it really helped me a lot in solving my maths problems. Their way of teaching and explaining the subjects makes understanding any concept simple and easy!!

Aditya Avinash
Grade 6, Springdales School, Dubai
BYJU’S the learning app has helped me a lot to study subjects like Math & Science. Using the BYJU’S App, I scored full marks for my exams. I’m really happy & thankful to the BYJU’S team.

Alsa Lija Saji
Class 6, Bhavans Public School, Abudhabi
My experience with byju’s learning app was amazing. This is the best app for achieving good marks during grade 10. Every concept taught here is very easy to learn and a lot of examples related to the concepts makes learning more easier. The teachers explain each and every portion of the lessons clearly no matter which level of studies you are in. I’m very grateful to be a part of the byju’s learning app.

Grade 10, Our Own English High School, Dubai
Before when I was not using Byjus learning app., I was really weak in Maths but after I had started using Byjus, my grades started rising like an airplane. At the first I thought it was some kind of magic going on with me. Then this continued for a long time and I could see that, Maths, which was a boring and hard subject is now my favorite subject. This drastic change was because of Byjus. I am sure that like me so many other students like me must have definitely been benefited by this.

R.P. Balaabishek
8th standard
BYJU’s App helped me a lot in improving my knowledge. Detailed videos on each topic is helping me to understand the concepts well. It teaches ways to solve problems in an easy and simple manner. Puzzles and games are very interesting and I am enjoying it a lot. BYJU’s App has increased my interest towards Mathematics. My mentor, Ms. Indulekha is helping me with any issues that I face during my learning. I thank the entire team of BYJU’s App and also wish more and more success in future.

Cilla Elsa Nebu
Class 5, Gulf Indian School, Dubai
It feels like a teacher is with me all the time. The apps has given new wings to my imagination. It tells me what my strengths and improvement areas are so that I focus and get better

Navya Jain
Saharanpur, Delhi Public School, Uttar Pradesh
I am a mother of 8th grader. He had difficulties in learning the key subject of Math . It was really worrying me a lot as we, parents could not spend much time to help him. During that time we had a chance to access the wonderful learning App Byju’s through my son’s school. It was really am amazing tool for learning. So, as a parent I am very happy and proud that I had given my child one of the best learning resource to achieve his goals.

B. Bhagavathi Sudha
Librarian, Buds Public School

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