Is an equation linear?

What do you mean by linear equation? A two-variable linear equation describes a relationship in which the value of one of the variables depends on the value of the other variable.

A linear equation is defined for lines in the coordinate system. In general, the straight line equation is y = mx + b, where b = y-intercept and m = slope of the line. These equations are also known as first order equations.


Equations such as 2y = 3 + x, x/2 = y – 3 and 3 = x + y are linear equations.

A few interesting facts about a linear equation:

  • Standard Form: Ax + By = C, Where A, B and C are coefficients and x, y are variables.
  • Linear equation has one, two or more variables.
  • Slope value is always a constant.
  • Highest exponent of variables is always one.
  • Graph of a linear equation is always a straight line.


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