What Happens To The Corpus Luteum After Ovulation?

Menstrual cycle

Once ovulation occurs, the corpus luteum secretes progesterone yielding serum concentrations of the hormone. This rate of steroid production by the early corpus luteum is somewhat equal to the complete steroid output of both adrenal glands. Additionally, the corpus luteum also secretes estradiol and 17-hydroxyprogesterone, an intermediate metabolite between estrogen and progesterone.

Once the ovum is ruptured and released, capillaries seep the granulosa layer, which enables the delivery of circulating cholesterol, an essential substrate for the biosynthesis of progesterone. The corpus luteum via sustained intra-ovarian processes of programmed cell death involutes after 12-14 days of ovulation. The serum sex steroid concentrations drop, menstruation follows.

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