What Is The Precursor Of The Plant Hormone Gibberellin?

All gibberellins are derived through the ent-gibberellane skeleton. However, they are synthesised through the ent-kaurene. In other words, Gibberellins are derived from ent-kaurene serving as an immediate precursor and render gibberellin their typical nature.

In the order of their discovery, gibberellins are named GA1 to GAn. These hormones are tetracyclic diterpene acids. Typically, gibberellins are synthesised from the methylerythritol phosphate pathway in the higher plants.

Gibberellins are plant growth hormones or regulators. They are responsible to regulate plant growth and influences various developmental phenomena. Some of these are germination, stem elongation, flowering, enzyme induction and more.

The impact of Gibberellins on the growth of plants varies, the most dramatic of all has to be the elongation of the stem. The stem begins to grow when it is applied in lower concentrations to a bush. The internodes hence grow so long that the plants become indistinguishable from climbing. These regulators overcome the genetic restrictions in different dwarf varieties.

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