A section of people in India are still without food. Explain?

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  • People living in regions prone to frequent natural disasters, remote and tribal areas, economically backward states are more prone to food insecurity.
  • Largest number of food insecure people are in the states of West Bengal, Jharkhand, parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, South eastern and eastern parts of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Due to the seasonal nature of agricultural activities, people in rural areas are prone to food insecurity.
  • In urban areas, there is less work in the construction industry in the rainy season, hence casual labourers in the construction works are prone to food insecurity.
  • They face seasonal hunger as they are unable to find work for the entire year.
  • A large number of children below 5 years of age, nursing mothers, pregnant women are prone to food insecurity.
  • People affected by natural disasters and who are forced to migrate to different places are prone to food insecurity.
  • People belonging to SC, ST, OBC, who have low land base and productivity are prone to food insecurity.
  • The worst affected people with food insecurity are beggars, destitutes, petty self-employed people, people providing traditional services, traditional artisans, people with no land or very little land.
  • In urban areas, people working in the casual labor market, those employed in ill-paid occupations etc are prone to food insecurity.

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