Account for the high birth rate in India.  [5 MARKS]


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The high birth rate in India is due to the following reasons:
(i) Illiteracy: Most of the rural population of our country is still illiterate, ignorant and superstitious. They do not know the functioning of the human reproductive system.
(ii) Traditional beliefs: Most of the people in our country regard children as a gift of God and a sign of prosperity. Therefore, they make no effort to avoid pregnancy.
(iii) Mortality rate: Due to high infant mortality rate in our country, people from the economically weaker section think it safer to produce more children so that at least some may survive.
(iv) Economic reasons: Most people in our country consider children as helping hands to increase the family income.
(v) Lack of recreation: Poor standard of living and poverty provide no recreation other than sex.
(vi) Religious and social customs: Most people do not accept family planning norms due to their religious and social customs.
(vii) Desire for a male child: In India, most families hold the view that male child is essential for keeping up the name of the family. Further, a male child is usually a great help to the aged parents. Such thinking often contributes to the birth of several children before the birth of a son or sometimes not even that.

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