Choose the options which describe the features of region of meristematic activity:
I. Few millimetres above the root cap
II. Cells divide repeatedly
III. Cells are small and thin walled
IV. Cells undergo rapid elongation and enlargement
V. Root hairs develop from this region
  1. I, II and III only
  2. II, III and IV only
  3. III, IV and V only
  4. I, IV and V only 


The correct option is A I, II and III only
Root is the plant part that is formed from the radicle of the germinating seed and generally grows towards the soil. It has four main regions:

Root cap: It is a thimble like structure that covers the root apex. It protects the tender apex of the root while making its way through the soil.

Region of meristematic activity: It is a few millimeters above the root cap. The cells in this region are very small, thin-walled and have dense cytoplasm. Also, the cells divide repeatedly in this region.

Region of elongation: Cells proximal to the region of meristematic activity are a part of this region. These cells undergo rapid elongation and enlargement. Hence, this region is responsible for the growth of roots in length.

Region of maturation: This is the region proximal to the region of elongation. It also consists of fine, delicate, thread-like structures called root hairs for the absorption of water and minerals from the soil.

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