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Column I gives certain situations in which a straight metallic wire of resistance R is used and Column II gives some
resulting effects. Match the statements in Column I with the statements in Column II and indicate your answer by
darkening appropriate bubbles in the 4 4 matrix given in the ORS.

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A 2
When a charged capacitor is connected to the ends of the wire the capacitor gets discharged i.e the stored energy is dissipated as a result thermal energy is generated in the wire Hence the correct option is 2

B 3,4
when a conductor (metallic wire) is moved with constant velocity perpendicular to a uniform magnetic field then a voltage is developed across the ends of the conductor (metallic wire) and also current is induced as charges of constant magnitude appears at the ends of the wire This is referred to as motional electromotive force Hence the correct option is 3,4

C 3,4
Conductors are materials in which electrons move freely When the wire is placed in a constant electric field the charges in the wire redistributes till static equilibrium is achieved and As the Electric field is along the length of the wire the charges get distributed at the ends of the wire
Hence charges of constant magnitude appear at the ends of the wire and a constant potential difference is developed at the end of the wire Hence the correct option is 3,4

D 1,2,3
A battery of constant emf is connected to the ends of wire a constant current flows through the wire also the negative and the positive terminals of the battery is shorted so there is power dissipation and thermal heat is generated in wire and also a constant potential equal to the emf of the battery is developed across the ens of the wireHence the correct option is 1,2,3

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