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Explain in your own words giving one example each.
Muscular force, gravitational force, mechanical force, electrostatic force, the force of friction and magnetic force.

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Muscular force: The force applied by the action of muscles in our body is termed as a muscular force. For example, when you pick up a book placed on the table using your hands, you apply muscular force.

Gravitational force: It is the force that is exerted by the Earth on every object, which is near or on its surface. For example, an apple falling from a tree branch towards the ground is due to gravitational force.

Mechanical force: The force generated by the means of a machine is known as mechanical force. For example, when a car gets started, its engine creates a mechanical force on the tyres that help the car to accelerate. So here, the movement of car occurs due to the force generated by the machine on the tyres.

Electrostatic force: Electrostatic force is the force that exists either between the two charged bodies, or between a charged and an uncharged body. For example, the charged scale attracts the pieces of paper by a non-contact force known as electrostatic force.

The force of friction: The force which acts opposite to the direction of motion of a body is known as the force of friction. For example, a ball rolling on a ground stops after sometime because of frictional force acting between the ground and the ball.

Magnetic force: The force exerted by a magnet is known as magnetic force. For example, separation of iron stuffs from junk is done with the help of magnetic force.

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