Give me some examples of use of sets in daily life?


Uses of sets in real life ?

• Actually, describing sets is just a matter of making more or less formal description of what is included and what is not included. Thus, I think we do this daily when communicating with other people about various ideas, actions, objects. “Hey, I found this cool playlist on Spotify! Here are the songs: Heaven is a Place on Earth, What’s Up, What I Need, Same Love, Born This Way, Firework, We Can’t Stop.”

• People also use sets when they are making rules or defining corrective action. People need to be able to identify what merits the correction or alterations and what does not.

• Some says experts use the application of set theory to economic analysis.

• Some people think there is a use of sets in programming. They use set theory the most when they are actually dealing with large sets of data in Python and MySQL as there are commands that are just making sets for natural join which is identified as an intersection. Programmers can use many commands to create sets and subsets. As to Python, some experts worked with the sets function in it just to identify the data and what are to be included in a subset.

• Also, mathematicians are mostly benefited by sets as many mathematical concepts can be distinct accurately using set theoretic concepts, like for example, mathematical structures as diverse as graphs, manifolds, and vector spaces can all be defined as sets satisfying various properties.

• Theory of mathematical relations can be described in set theory as well as equivalence and order relations that are universal in mathematics. In fact. set theory can be added to the problem-solving techniques as it is a concept that makes exposition of other ideas easier, people can talk about collections and their properties thereof.

Here are some of real life example of a set. I think they are also real life example of union of sets:

Your followers and your friend’s followers on Quora:

Your Followers on Quora: Set YF { YF1, YF2 ……YF15}

Your Friend’s Followers on Quora: Set YFF {YFF1, YFF2 ……YFF15}

Your Followers and Your Friend’s Followers on Quora = YF intersection YFF

Thus our knowledge on how to use set in real life can allow us to make these, too:

{a character in the novel Noli Me Tangere} intersection {a character in the novel El Filibusterismo}

{a national hero of the Philippines} intersection {historical figures in the Philippines}

{a caffeinated drink} intersection {a carbonated drink}

{a country of Southeast Asia} intersection {a country of Asia}

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