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Give the uses of Glauber's salt, Green vitriol, Epsom salt, Blue vitriol, Lime salt petre, Copper nitrate, Calcium chloride and Gypsum.

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USES OF 1)GLAUBER'S SALT Glauber's salt is water soluble, has a salty, bitter taste, and is sometimes used in medicine as a mild laxative; it is also used in dyeing. 2)GREEN VITRIOL A bluish-green crystalline compound that is used in sewage and water treatment, and as a pigment and fertilizer. It is also used in medicine to treat iron deficiency. Also called green vitriol. Chemical formula: FeSO. ​​ 3)BLUE VITRIOL A blue, crystalline compound of copper sulfate. Blue vitriol is soluble in water, and is a very important industrial salt of copper. It is used in insecticides and germicides, in electrolytes for batteries, and in electroplating baths. Chemical formula: CuSO. 4)LIME SALTPETER It is a colorless salt that absorbs moisture from the air and is commonly found as a tetrahydrate. It is mainly used as a component in fertilizers but is found in other applications. Calcium Nitrate, also called (Norwegian/lime saltpeter), was the first synthetic nitrogen fertilizer compound to be manufactured. 5)COPPER NITRATE Cupric Nitrate. Produced either by dissolving copper carbonate in nitric acid or direct from copper and nitric acid. It has a number of small uses, such as in ceramics, in dyeing as a mordant, in fireworks and in photography. 6)CALCIUM CHLORIDE By depressing the freezing point of water, calcium chloride is used to prevent ice formation and is used to de-ice. This application consumes the greatest amount of calcium chloride. Calcium chloride is relatively harmless to plants and soil. As a de-icing agent, it is more effective at lower temperatures than sodium chloride. When distributed for this use, it usually takes the form of small, white spheres a few millimeters in diameter, called prills. Solutions of calcium chloride can prevent freezing at temperature as low as −52 °C (−62 °F), making it ideal for filling agricultural implement tires as a liquid ballast, aiding traction in cold climates. ​It is also used in domestic and industrial chemical air dehumidifiers. 7)GYPSM Gypsum uses include: manufacture of wallboard, cement, plaster of Paris, soil conditioning, a hardening retarder in portland cement. Varieties of gypsum known as "satin spar" and "alabaster" are used for a variety of ornamental purposes; however, their low hardness limits their durability

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