How are the external powers influencing bilateral relations in South Asia? Take any one example to illustrate your point.

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No region can ever isolate itself from the contemporary global political realities. The South Asian region has largely been impacted by the growing involvement of both the US and China.
a. Both the US and China have emerged as key players in South Asian politics. While India and China have moved beyond the 1962 war and have entered into mutual agreements of peace and stability, China continues to balance its equation by maintaining close ties with Pakistan.
b. The US also, on the other hand, has been keeping a close watch on the South Asian region by being one of the observer states in SAARC, and also acting as a moderator between India and Pakistan.
c. Since 1991, major changes have taken place in the economies of the South Asian region, treading on the path of liberalisation and privatisation. A free and liberal economic approach has increased the participation of the US in the region that, besides keeping a close eye on the South Asian countries, has to keep a watch on the growing influence of China.
d. With the presence of a large number of South Asian diasporas in the US, and with the region serving economic interests of both the US and China in terms of markets and investments, the role of both the countries continue to remain important and influential.

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