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How to learn big answer easily

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Here are a few tips with which you can memorize an answer for a long time and easily recall it during the exams

Learn with Pen and Paper

The best way to learn any answer is to read it and then write it down on paper. Finish your chapters and if you find a problem memorizing them, just jot them down! Jotting down answers will not only help you in memorizing answers for the exam but will also boost long-term memories.

Learn by relating answers with daily life examples

Only if you can do this properly, you can feel how easy it will be to learn. Not to miss the fun part as well. Just try to be imaginative and correlate the study with your ambiance, in a tricky way! This method is very helpful because daily life examples are not that tough to recall and anything that is learned with fun is remembered easily and quickly.

Use Mnemonics

This is where you will get the sure shot output. Mnemonics are an interesting way of memorizing things. You can prepare your mnemonics or else can take the examples of others. Teachers can guide you with some, and you can get a few from the internet as well. How does it work? If you are new to mnemonics it will be difficult for you to grasp its benefits, therefore it is suggested that you look around for some examples.

To learn big answers go through the following points-

  1. Read the whole answer only to understand.
  2. Don't think of memorizing in one go.
  3. Break the question in parts( as many u wish.. May be 2 or 3).
  4. Now go through one part and learn it loudly.
  5. Now check whether u have learned by hiding the answer.
  6. If yes: repeat processes 4 and 5 till u complete the answer
  7. If not: try to learn again and again.
  8. At last speak up about the whole answer and check whether u learned it or not.
  9. MOST IMPORTANT: you will only learn the answer if you understand it and not when you byheart it.
  10. And last be calm and gentle, don't be under pressure.

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