Listed below are four respiratory capacities (A-D) in column I and four jumbled respiratory volume of a normal human adult in column II.
Column - IColumn - II(Respiratory capacities)(Respiratory volumes)A.Residual volume I.2500 mLB.Vital capacity II.3500 mLC.Inspiratory reserve volume III.1200 mLD.Inspiratory capacityIV.4500 mL

Which one of the following is the correct matching of two capacities and volume ?
  1. A – I; B – II; C – III; D – IV
  2. A – IV; B – III; C – I; D – II
  3. A – II; B – III; C – IV; D – I
  4. A – III; B – IV; C – I; D – II


The correct option is D A – III; B – IV; C – I; D – II
Residual Volume (RV), about 1,200 mL, is the volume of air still remaining in the lungs after the expiratory reserve volume is exhaled.

The Vital Capacity (VC), about 4,500 mL, is the total amount of air that can be expired after fully inhaling (VC = TV + IRV + ERV = approximately 80 percent TLC). The value varies according to age and body size.

The Inspiratory Reserve Volume (IRV), about 2,500 mL, is the additional air that can be forcibly inhaled after the inspiration of a normal tidal volume.

The Inspiratory Capacity (IC), about 3,500 mL, is the maximum amount of air that can be inspired (IC = TV + IRV).

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